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The LaLaurie House (graphic!)
(10-17-2009, 12:34 PM)scarygirl67 Wrote: Wow! Wonder if this house was one of those "shaky real estate investments?"

Don't mess with the lady of LaLaurie.....or Hollywood business managers............

That's what I was thinking! I wonder why he was not more on top of things. And how can he blame a business manager for real estate investments gone bad? The market fell for everyone, not just him.
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That's a good point Ali...honestly, it looks to me like he is just looking for someone to you said, the real estate market got bad for everyone with investments.

No offense meant to Hollywood business in any field, there are some that are honest and some that aren't. But if he (Nicholas Cage) felt that he was paying this person too much money, why did he continue to keep him on and trust him?

The LaLaurie house just sounds so dismal...not just because the exterior is so unassuming, but the fact that anyone knowing the history of the house and the woman who lived there would always feel that despair....whether they believed in ghosts or not...JMO.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Just cuz people have money doesnt mean they have brains. It does seem the more money they have the less brains they have doesnt it?? Icontexto-emoticons-04-032x032

He probably thought the guy was doing an ok job till he went looking into things and noticed things werent the way they were suppose to be, I mean you hire a money manager to manage your money so you dont have to. Ya really need to get someone you trust to do it if your not going to watch them like a hawk. Either way though.. it is ol Nicys fault... Poor Nic he owes irs money... dumas.

Still think he is cutie though Icontexto-emoticons-04-032x032
Bloody hell, I had heard of this place, and that the LaLaurie's treated their slaves horrible...but I had no idea it was this bad. Ye gods! Someone like this woman couldn't be anyone could do things like this to any living creature is just way beyond barbaric.

Nicolas Cage has a very strong interest in the paranormal and supernatural world...he has mentioned it a few times in interviews and why many of his recent movies have had that that might be why he bought the house. Pity he won't allow visitors or tours.
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Watch the St. Francisville Experiment. It's based on Delphine LaLaurie and where she may have gone. Students spend the night in a house they believe she went to after she fled the Royal house, and document their findings.
There are mixed reviews however, on whether or not it is "real".
(03-31-2009, 02:11 PM)Skatha Wrote: From what I understand, she was always like that. The doctor was her third marriage and there has been speculation that she might've been behind the deaths of her first two husbands.

Yes, there was speculation that she was at fault for the deaths of her first two husbands. Both of her parents were murdered when she was fairly young, her mother being killed in a slave uprising. The wealthy family that owned the slaves didn't want to be blasted in the media of the time, so they adopted Delphine and her grandmother into their family and basically compensated her with a "trust fund", that she was allowed to have when she turned 20.

She was set up in an arranged marriage with a wealthy man 39 years her senior. When she recieved her "trust fund", she divorced him, taking half of his fortune, and just a few days later he conveniently died, ensuring that she would have the rest of his money. She married another wealthy man and he also mysteriously died. There was speculation that she was killing off her husbands, but the men of the time refused to credit a woman with being able to come up with such a devious plan, so they immediately dismissed it. (It made them feel good so it must be true ;] )

She mourned her second husband for exactly one year and one day, and then three weeks later was married to Dr. Louis LaLaurie. He was a doctor that graduated at the bottom of his class from a medical school in Germany.

There's a lot more I could ramble on about, because I've learned a lot about the history of the story. But, I'll spare you. Haha. Basically, Madame LaLaurie was a cruel woman who treated her slaves very badly. She threw many parties where the slaves were forced to serve her guests completely topless. Many had scars, burns, and unusual stitches stretching across their chests and stomachs. So when people claim that the citizens of New Orleans had no idea these slaves were suffering cruel and unusual experimentation, it's complete BS. These people turned their heads because the LaLauries were Creole aristocracy.

It just blew up when the two slaves chained in the kitchen set themselves on fire and Dr. LaLauries secret chamber was discovered. Madame LaLaurie was not the one experimenting on the slaves, but it was her husband. He was doing what he called "medical experiments" on them, and crafted very accurate drawings which have been used for teaching medicine in several schools in Europe over the years.

A mob of free colored men tried to storm the LaLaurie home after the story leaked, but the police force held them at bay. The police were trying to deal with the situation in a legal matter, and they believed they were doing the right thing by restraining the mob. The LaLauries did in fact escape from the home, unscathed and were never caught.

After the LaLauries' escape, many police were stationed outside the mansion to stop looters. And the police force was actually where the rumors of ghosts originated. They heard voices coming from inside the homes, and thought if they found people hidden in secret rooms, they would be heroes. They entered the home and tore apart the walls, but found no one. The police then concluded that it must be ghosts and boarded the doors up. Once word got around that the place was "haunted", the LaLaurie home was the biggest tourist attraction for about 3 weeks. The last week was kind of a bummer though because all the "screams and howls" people were hearing through the walls died out. Not long after that, renovation occurred and the wood floors were torn up. That's when they discovered that several people had been BURIED ALIVE, beneath the floors on the night of the LaLauries' escape.

There were fingernail scratches in fours and fives on the undersides of the boards. The "screams of ghosts" that the people of New Orleans were hearing, were actually the cries of those that had been buried alive. Hm.

Sorry for my long tangent. I'm kind of a history geek. :]
samlamontagne- Thank you for the history of the LaLaurie House. I enjoyed reading it.
People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within. ~Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Oh MY that's wow... I feel so much for the slaves although that was way before our time... but to go through such torture OMG... the LaLaurie are spending time in Hell that's for sure!Icontexto-emoticons-14-032x032

I wonder also if N. Cage knew the history about the house... I mean knowing a place is haunted is one thing but knowing the history is another!Icontexto-emoticons-10-032x032
Wow, i am lost for words, i think its all been said......
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Angel WIngs

VERY interesting thread that a lot of newer members may not have seen

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