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Poll: Have You Experienced Sleep Paralysis?
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Have You Ever Exerienced Sleep Paralysis?
I would like to know how many here have went through this experience and what you think caused it or why it happens.

I have had it happen to me 2 different times and both times I felt a strong sense that some "thing" was there causing it. I never saw it but I could somehow feel that it was there and that it was evil or maliscious
Yes, I have experienced sleep paralysis - only once and I did feel like there was something else there and felt really terrified at the time. I dont believe the scientific explanations for it.

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I also experienced it once, I would of bet it was real, I had slept in a utility room the only night it happened. Then as I read more about it, I started to have doubts. I then checked the emf's for that room as it was by the meter and fuse box. They were sky high, so now I believe understand what triggered mine. I have been tempted to sleep there again and video myself to see if I can cause it to happen.
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I have had it happen to me once. I was 11 or 12.... long story short I swore Santa was real for a very long time after that... (needs an embarrassed smiley)
I have a very good friend who regularly experiences sleep paralysis, but i never have.

I think when you feel an evil presence, then it's more than mere sleep paralysis, it is evil trying to draw energy off you or even posess you.

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In my opinion only those who have never actually experienced this can possibly think that there is a "normal" scientific explanation for it.
About 4 years ago, one night, late, I heard my son cry out one word "NO!". We were all asleep. My son was 20 at the time. I got up and went to his room. I walked to his bed, and found him lying on his back, stiff. Looking at his eyes, I knew that something had frightened him badly, I know that look. Moms know their children's expressions throughout their lifetimes, I knew he was scared. He told me that he was asleep and suddenly found that he could not move, as if something was holding him to the bed, he could not move his arms or legs. He told me, as he pointed over my right shoulder to the area above the door, that he opened his eyes and saw an "energy", not light, but mistily glowing that beckoned him. The pull was enormous and what ever it was that was holding him stiff, would only release if he consented to go. He would not go and thought over and over in his mind, NO!, NO! No! and managed enough strength to yell it out. That is when I was awakened. I spent next few hours until dawn, talking with him and I stayed with him until he went back to sleep. I discovered that this was not the first time, but this was the worst time. Since he moved away from home, that I know of, he has not experienced this again.
Very chilling story Joslyn, thank God your son had the will power to say no! I'd hate to even imagine what could have happened if he'd gotten so frightened he'd said yes just to be freed!
I have never experienced this before. I don't know anyone who has either. But I'm quite curious about sleep paralysis, and I wonder if the scientific explanations hold any truth. Of course, there could be both supernatural induced sleep paralysis AND scientifically explainable ones. In that case, I'd like to know about both.
I simply do not agree with any of the scientific explanations. The problem with the scientists is, they haven't experienced it yet either. When and if any of them do, then I think they will abandon their effort to explain it with reason. Anyone held in the grip of spirit for any thing..communication, vision, prophetic, attachement, anyone whose senses have been assaulted or even consentually will stop looking for scientific facts to explain it, and begin looking for spiritual answers. Since the internet has become available, so many who generally would not speak about it, connect with others with similar experiences and discover that it is much more common than they think. And so , there are that many more people questioning their faith and beliefs. This is a good thing, as it opens many more up to a path of becoming closer to our creator.

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