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10 ways Christians fail at being christians
(05-26-2010, 05:52 PM)GypsyMoon Wrote: Thats tricky according to some people I am Evil because of my beliefs.
So is it okay to hate me? If I am considered Evil to some..What about people who hate different cultures because they believe they are evil.. Is that okay? Hate is hate no matter what and unhealthy imo. Takes too much energy to focus hate on another if you dont like a person then your dislike them hate on the other hand is a symptom reaction to something deeper then what you are directing the hate towards.

Yo thats a diff thread lol

I get you tho 100%
Why can't everyone just get along and stop dividing, and coming together. I think this thread should of never been. And To much hate going on around here. I think this is wrong. I would never treat a persons believe system like this. And how welcoming do you think this thread is to a newcomers. I'm just amazed that this has been allowed to be here.
And as for a thread being maid against other people faith like pagans or witches. I can assure you that you are wrong. That it would even be taken well at all. Because I have seen over and over again. People getting offended at the slightest implication of an insult to there faith. So you are wrong to say if the shoe was on the other foot so to speak, that it would be taken just fine. Because it is NOT... Now I love all people. I don't care two since what your faith or religion is. But I can tell that. This is not the way, some feel around here.
So in my finale saying on this here rude thread. If this is allowed to keep on. I think it has a lot to say about the attitude of who ever supports it. Love is the key... Not Hate... Mel

"Be who you are, and say what you want
Because those that matter, don't mind
And those that mind, don't matter"

~Dr Suess~
I am so sorry Mel, I really dont see Hate except for when Angel that word. If people are insulted by people who question them then its that person who has a problem. I love questions about my faith as long as there respectful and honest. I would assume there are adults here of all faiths who feel the same and learn from each other. I think the thread is great and shows there all different sides thoughts and opinions on all subjects including faiths and spiritual beliefs. Maybe I have more faith in the people on this board though? Anyways Mel I respect all views as long as there expressed in a way that is respectful to that person or faith. I think John Shore can write that article I think CMF has the right to post it. However like I said before to take someones sacred writings Bible,Rede.Torah,Talmud,Koran no matter what it is and switch it to attack that belief no matter if there is some bad eggs or not in there, Is disrespectful but should be discussed to expose this and show its wrong. Also to hear other peoples views about this other then myself.
“Protected by Witchcraft"
[Image: 292o5rq.gif] Member of the Black Hat Society
(05-26-2010, 05:28 PM)CMF Wrote:
(05-26-2010, 04:06 PM)lightkeeper Wrote: CMF stated that he posted this thread to generate conversation
Certainly did! Lots of thoughtful & imformative posts here.
CRANIUM; said 'belief is a personal thing'. I absoultly agree.
All religions are guilty of wrongs and hipocracies.You have to sort out the wheat from the chaff.Take the good things & apply them to
your life. Use them in relationship to what you do TODAY.
The past is the past.That can't be changed.
The word HATE is not in the vocabulary of good people - be they
Pagan, Christian or Jew.
All good people will eventually end up in a good place.

Sorry to be so long winded - not my usual style

Ahhhh, but what if I Hate evil people? eh? huuuh?

Then what ? lol
Good point! I can't condone the hate part though.
My dad once told me that if you tried to smack down everyone you
think deserved it - you may not have time for anything else,so don't waste your time - live & let live. lol
The only wrong questions - are those that go unasked
Your dad is smart!!!!

BTW everyone having a problem with this thread.... Stop reading it..

I get irritated about people think vampires are real so guess what??

I dont go over there and read!
Please stop arguing in the thread; if you have something to contribute then do so, otherwise if you dont like it , do like me and avoid it.
well said CMF. Thank you.
“Protected by Witchcraft"
[Image: 292o5rq.gif] Member of the Black Hat Society

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