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Do you believe in heaven or hell?
I do believe in both.
I believe you go to hell, though many say you're stuck in limbo, to wander the earth, until it is your time to pass on
Ignorance is Bliss but Knowledge is Power
Personally I don't believe in either one. I believe we go to the summerlands to be reunited with family members until it is time to be born into our next life.

Then again...who really knows LOL.
Faeries, come take me out of this dull world,
For I would ride with you upon the wind,
Run on the top of the dishevelled tide,
And dance upon the mountains like a flame.
(William Butler Yeats, "The Land of Heart's Desire," 1894)

Yes I believe in Heaven and Hell... and no I don't believe if someone commits suicide they go to Hell... just like everybody else they have choices when they die... Remember God is loving & forgiving... Have faith in God and you will go to Heaven!
Heaven or Hell is a state of mind. The movie What deams May Come , does an excellent job of showing that. Now for those who believe that they are meant to suffer, well go ahead.
I do like Wicthmoms idea of summerland though . But , from what I have experienced personally, I can't say that is what happens. I do know that what you believe at the time of passing will occur as you will be expecting it. What actually is , is another matter. Nevertheless, each to his own happy ending.
I strongly believe in Heavon and Hell because I have had super natural experiances of both.I dont think any one can imagine just how awesome heavon will be or just how much horror will go on in Hell.I find it amazing how many people discredit God,mock God,laugh at God but when something goes seriosly wrong in their life all of a sudden its God fault when they havent taken the time to really study and get to know Gods character.If I dont know much about a car engine and the car breaks down wouldnt it be foolish for me to tell others what is wrong with the engine?I have been to count less funerals and nobody know any thing about God or read the word of God at all but it was Gods fault that the person died.I find it incredible how quick people are to judge God when so many people dont realize if you are going to have an all loving and powerful God wouldnt make sense to have a very powerful and hateful being that causes much suffering?I believe God is so awesome he is giveing all humans a free will chose,if you chose not to know him or except him than you dont have to go to heavon.But if you want to go to heavon he requires people to be loving,honest,genuine,caring,and merciful.I remember years ago when people were much nicer and much more patient with one another than today.Well thanks for letting me share Tim
And if someone commits suicide, does this person go to hell?
I'm with Reverend Mother on this one. I believe that your own belief system shapes what will happen to you when you die. When I first started reading about OBE's it got into the theory of the universe being multi dimensional. The way it explained the different dimensions was something along the lines of there being "consensus" dimensions, which would be like heaven and hell, "places" that multiple people have agreed and believe to exist, and for that matter they do exist - but not as the only 2 places. There are probably as many heavens, summerlands, and other such places as there are theories about god. I think there are also "non-consensus" dimensions, which aren't places created from groups of peoples beliefs, but rather places created just by you/for you - and so I definitely subscribe to the 'multiple levels' theory but not in a traditional way.

I also most definitely do not believe that suicides go to hell, unless of course that is their personal belief system and that is where they are sure they will go. I think the only real true hell after this life will be the one we create for ourselves. I think in the spirit world it will be pretty easy to look back on our lives and with a different perspective on the mistakes we've made in this life... and I think we may all have to reconcile with our 'own personal hells' before we can really realize 'our own personal heavens' - because I think we will be our own worst critics and judges when it comes down to it.

Yikes that turned into a book, sorry.
I believe in a heaven and a hell. However, I also believe that heaven is not exclusive. Any religion that deems otherwise is not a good religion, imo. We all know how inclusive hell is. All the stories say: Murderer? Come on in! Serial Rapist? We've got a place for you! Buddhist? Just around the corner! Wiccan? Welcome to the barbecue, burgers and bacon are on the back grill!

My point is: I believe that heaven is a place to reward people for living happy, productive, moral lives. These people don't need to believe in Jesus, God, or anything of the like. Think of it this way, the Shaolin Monks have a regimented life-style, where they train their body and mind to reach enlightenment. They are in tune with nature, themselves, and their fellow man. They do not refuse aiding people, and they don't believe in God.
In many ways, these people are more in-tune with God's commandments and moral code, than any other people on the planet. And their regime limits the amount of things in which they do that would jeopardize their entrance into what they believe the afterlife is.

To Christianity, these people are going to hell! These people, can be arguably defended to be living better, purer lives than Christians, are going to hell because they do not believe in the same thing that Christians do. This is elitism. Does God really condone that kind of stuff? If He is the God you all believe in, then He should not.
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(03-19-2010, 04:26 AM)Tina Evelina Wrote: And if someone commits suicide, does this person go to hell?


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