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serial killers, are they possessed by demons?
(07-08-2010, 08:00 AM)scarygirl67 Wrote: I know that the mindset of someone like this seems to be addicted to the whole process of killing. That's why in serial murders the method is always the same...if it works, stay with it.

What is scary about serial killers is that they are not often caught until many people have lost their lives. They often go about their day to day activities, the people closest to them never knowing what they have done.

I remember reading the first Anne Rule book I ever got my hands on..."The Stranger Beside Me" about Ted Bundy. Anne had known Ted Bundy...had worked with him and sat next to him...talked to him and even became friendly accquaintances with him. And then when he turned out to be a serial killer...she became obsessed with finding out what makes people do this. While her books have been very informative and she has extensively covered the murders in recent history that have made us cringe...I don't think she is any closer to an answer of why the numbers are rising.

I think it has more to do with not being able to get the help they need or even trying to get help... with always needing insurance and stuff it's not easy to get free help. Free clinics and stuff are always crowded. They are also trying to be secretive about it, so going to get help might be out of the question not to mention how allot of people in society look down on serial killers. They are trying to keep a low profile why attract attention. Maybe if they have a place where they can go and get help without people knowing??? I don't know trying to throw out ideas.

IMO I think it's a mental illness, some can be oppressed by a demon once they start their killing spree. It's a form of mental illness that probably needs it's own name. I don't think we can ever understand or know the real reason why they do it cause we just don't think that way. That's what makes me think it's some kind of form of mental illness we don't know about... I mean would a serial killer let scientist pick their brain to find out the answers? If more than one does maybe then we can find the answers.

I mean there are so many possibilities that can make them that way? was it a bad up bringing? Did they learn it from their parents? is it a mental illness that kicked in when they get older like schitzo {I don't know how to spell it sorry} is it a demon oppression? We will never know unless someone does the research.

All we know it's scary knowing they are out there and we don't know where or who they are... or when they are gonna strike!
There's too many factors that go into the shaping of a serial killer.
It's not all mental illness with some, with others its none, with yet others its all mental.
Most serial killers don't get sent off to mental institutions. They go to prison for life or for death. They are deemed legally sane. The knew what they were doing...they knew the difference between right and wrong. The insanity defense almost never works.
Mentally ill? Not exactly.
Demons? Not at all - in my opinion.
"To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind.
The answer may annihilate the question and the questioner."
(03-15-2010, 12:56 PM)Tina Evelina Wrote: What do you believe? Are serial killers possessed by demons or are they just mentally ill?

I think some of them are mentally ill (Dahmer), and some are sociopaths (Bundy). There are also some really stupid and easily manipulated people who could be influenced by others into serial killing, in the name of whatever extreme belief system they happen to it religious or racist, etc. I think people could be influenced by groups like Order of Nine Angles to commit murder, or even serial murder. I don't think most serial killers are influenced in this way, though. I think a lot of them just try to pin it on others after the fact (Son of Sam).

The ones who are claiming to have been possessed tend to do so much later. Often, after having been approached by wishful thinking religious folks who want to find the devil responsible. In my opinion, many (if not most) serial killers are just looking for some way to avoid the death penalty. They'll say whatever they think will help them do that.

To be honest, I'm not sure that I believe in actual demonic possession causing murder. I think people can believe that they are possessed, and even manifest actual physical symptoms. They could probably kill people in this state. Whether it's actually caused by an external entity possessing them, I can't say. I would think it unlikely. I might be more inclined to believe it in the case of a person who had lived their whole life without committing even a misdemeanor...and no history of mental illness, and then all of a sudden boils their wife's head on the stove and tries to eat it. I think at the very least, that's a case for temporary insanity. Something has to go very wrong for this type of thing to occur.

I know people have been murdered because someone else thought they were possessed, and maybe even hallucinated that they appeared demonic.
1/proven by a medical professional they are with out a doubt mentally ill
2/if they a deemed mentally fit(of sound mind)
3/then the individual has no soul/not possessed.
God has his people & unfortunately Lucifer has his people,which are the ones without a soul.

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