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Poll: Do You Think Vampires Are Real?
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Yes, vampires are real, but they do not exist today
5 10.42%
Yes, vampires are real, and they are here today
24 50.00%
No, vampires have never existed
19 39.58%
Total 48 vote(s) 100%
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Do You Think Vampires Are Real?
What do you think about vampires? Are they real? Or were they ever real? I think they must have been real at one time, most legends are based upon some facts and truth and I feel like the vampire legends are no different. Perhaps they were all killed at long ago, or perhaps there are still a few left out there somewhere just hiding and waiting, or maybe even mixing in among the rest of us without anyone knowing.

Whats your take on this?
I havent voted on your poll, because I can decide which option is right for me. I do tend to believe that vampires once existed, although not like what you see in most movies. I would imagine that they would have been hunted down and eventually exterminated. If they preyed only on human blood it would be very difficult for them to hide, however if a vampire could survive on other forms of blood such as cows it might be a lot easier for them to hide.

So my choice is Yes, they existed in some form long ago, but it is unlikely (though possible) that any are still around today.

Oh, and Welcome to the forum TheGreatGonzo. Glad to have you here.

The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it. ~ Terry Pratchett

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Of course Vampires are real! Its just that a vampire isnt the creature you may be familiar with from watching movies. There arent very many real ones around, mostly 'wannabes' but they are out there.
I agree with trueghosttales. I believe that they existed a long time ago, but have eventually become extinct. However, I do think that there is at least SOME kind of Vampire in us or other animals. I mean, there are some people who like their steaks rare. Or, there are all meat eaters. I think we can all agree that meat does have blood in it -- even if people aren't "drinking" blood, they're still consuming it through meat.
I know they are. My hubby and I had an experience some years back that made a believer out of us. It is a long story and the full story of our encounter can be read over at and it is called Something Undead? It was probably one of the most freaky things we'd ever encountered. Every since then we both have made a study of these things. From the information we can gather, vampires aren't usually solid physical creatures or blood drinkers, but are actually more of a misty sort of entity that drains the life force. We also encountered one of these sort of vampires and know where it resides even now. We just don't know how to get rid of it. I have seen this thing form itself out of the mist and it scared the hell out of me! I'd never seen anything so horrible or frightening in my life! My dog saw it too and started making weird little huffling noises and alerted me to it. We both ran as fast as we could to the house. Not a cool experience ! :shock:
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I believe in a lot of weird things. I mean, I do believe in thngs like ghosts, spirits, demons and even aliens, but I do not think that vampires ever existed in the real world. I understand that there is such a thing as a psychic vampire, the type that can actually drain your energy, but blood suckers that can only come out at night? That is just in the movies.

The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it. ~ Terry Pratchett

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This is funny. I, too believe that there could be psychic vampires or entities, not human, which feed on energy, yet I am not taking the poll to say "YES, I believe in vampires!"

To me, I am sure that when a habitually cruel person is acting out, that person is drawing a feeling of power or energy from the other person's saddened feelings, which to me is a type of psychic vampirism. So if a human could do this, how far from that is it to say that there could be a paranormal entity who draws energy. I don't know enough about the blood hungry vampire to say one way or the other. Isn't it funny that we sort of believe but are not willing to take a simple poll to say "yes". Odd.

By not saying yes despite believing it to be possible, would it be because it would make an up to now mythical nightmare closer to reality or are we all just too chicken to say we believe in this mythical creature at all?
There is an informative article about vampires (both types we have discussed here) right here on the True Ghost Tales website. The article was a combined effort between myself and two of our great forum members. After the article was posted on the site I received some great additional information from a visitor of the site who was actually born in Transylvania If you are really interested in the subject of vampires you should check it out.


The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it. ~ Terry Pratchett

The Paranormal Beliefs Survey  ~^*White face*^~  Paranormal Questions & Answers
Look, I don't know whether vampires exist, or ever existed or even can exist. Moreover, if vampires once existed in Britain, Europe and North America, they almost certainly don't any longer, now that embalming has become the standard. (An unembalmed body is obviously "less dead" than an embalmed one.)

However, I do know that what seems to have been a veritable vampire plague rolled across Europe from about 1670 until circa 1750, starting in Western Europe and reaching its fever peak in the East. (Our Hollywood idea of Hungarian burghers crowed together by night into the village tavern, everybody holding crucifixes, and shuddering everytime the closed and shuttered windows creak, comes from that period.)

And as the plague died down in Europe it started up again on the American side of the Atlantic, in the New England states (especially Connecticut and Rhode Island), where it continued at least into the 1830s.
No, I think they are definitely a Fantasy. Vampires concept is however very strong amongst Europeans, but I don't believe it. Its hardly logical that you would wake up at night and breed on someone's blood. Atleast I haven't heard much logical accounts of people with regard to this. All I have read are mostly made out of imagination, like we see in the movies.

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