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Poll: Do You Think Vampires Are Real?
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Yes, vampires are real, but they do not exist today
5 10.42%
Yes, vampires are real, and they are here today
24 50.00%
No, vampires have never existed
19 39.58%
Total 48 vote(s) 100%
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Do You Think Vampires Are Real?
(06-25-2009, 11:41 AM)scarygirl67 Wrote: I will do that. I'm more interested personally in the concept of "psychic vampires". To me that seems plausible. Not that the other vampires are bogus, I just can't argue with people having the ability to literally suck the life out of you. I have been around those who can drain you like that.

So have I.
Just joined the forum and wanted to say hi.
I believe in Vampires and just wanted to say that from the start, granted I don't think they are like the movies but I do beieve there is some sort of Vampire out there.
I say that I try to look at things from a logical stand point, and I do.
So, logically I have to say that there is no evidence to support that vampires exist or at least most certainly not the modern day Hollywood Vamps.

Now from my dreams and fantasies that's a whole other ball game. I have for as far back as I can recall in my 37 years of life dreamed of and wanted to believe in the existence of vampires. And I speak of the blood sucking, powerful, beautiful and ugly, but not turning into bats kind, and immortal.

My fascination, or obsession did not start with a book or a movie. It began from a manifestation in my mind. I choose to believe or want to them to exist for personal selfish reasons, yet I know logically it isn't possible. It does not mean I can't want for it to be though, no more than people want to believe that ghosts and aliens roam about.
Sucks to be me, (pun intended)
I agree that psychic vampires exist, but portraying what they do isn't easy, that is why I think the biting blood drinking type were created. If you've ever had contact with a psi vamp, there's nothing to show that anything's happening, then suddenly you're like a limp lettuce leaf! I encountered a bad one about 8 years ago, if a dear friend hadn't pulled me out of the situation, well I doubt I'd be posting this now. It was that bad it triggered a near fatal nervous breakdown, I'm still scarred.
Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around
well in that case my eventual x-husband if he ever gives me a divorce..... is a psi vamp
Sucks to be me, (pun intended)
Yes because,

I AM A VAMPIRE! Whaaahaha!

Signblabla Fame has no place in the paranormal.
Psychic ones, possibly. The ones that are portrayed in movies, literature, etc., I'd have to put them along with werewolves. Interesting but not likely.
It goes without saying Psychic Vampires exist.

In terms of blood drinkers... there are two points to be made.

1) Forget everything Hollywood has ever done with vampires. In fact forget everything you have likely ever read about vampires. Bram Stoker literally reinvented vampires for his novel. In original lore there was never anything sexy or exotic about vampires. They were risen corpses who returned to torment the living. They tended to kill their victims and spread disease. They were made through random happenstance and bad luck (if your body wasn't handled properly in burial or an animal jumped over your body.... oops.. vampire). The only notions of sexuality in vampires came from Incubus and Succubus stories, but there was very little in those stories that was genuinely enjoyable to the victim.

The legends were highly varied by culture. Most of what we know about vampires today is actually corruptions of European mythology or flat up crated by Hollywood (sunlight killing vampires really became part of the legend from the film Nosferatu).

However, I think that in the legends there was some truth. Something happened, something existed so that these creatures became universal in every ancient culture. Do I know what that was? No. Could it still exist? I don't know. But I think that the legends were created by something that wasn't human (as the original stories, they never appeared to look perfectly human).

2) There are modern sanguinarians. These are people who do consume blood and believe that it makes them feel better. I'm not talking about the dangerous idiots you see on most TV specials, I'm talking about people who take every precaution and procure and consume blood as safely as possible (many say that even blood from a butcher shop helps). These people seem to experience negative health conditions (headaches, weakness, nausea) when they are "in need" of blood. These conditions seem to go away after the blood is then consumed.

I don't necessarily think these people are the basis for the legend, however I think that it is a condition that, if instigated properly, could shed light on a real phenomenon.
well said, but it's hard work getting people to understand, it seems fashionable right now to say you're a vampire...
Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around
Forgotten to mention, I think there are people who think they are really vampires are real.

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