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Well the ppl from Atlantis had more knowledge then we will ever have so couldn't the civilization (s) have that same knowledge and know about the Ley Lines.
The stone henge has a purpose we just don't know what it is and may never know what it is or was for
Stonehenge was not built by druids, its some 2,000 years older than any druidic cult, however their must have been some kind of organized religion – so people may call the ‘priests’ or whatever they were ‘druids’ if it makes them happy. The most up to date view of what Stonehenge is ‘about’ it is an early example of planned architecture and that has it only one alignment, makes sense to me. As for ley lines - just whacky nonsense.
Good question and lots of folks have written multi hundred page books on it. Latest thing I read was it related to the moon and not the sun and seasonal mattters but exactly, I'll leave that up to the better informed than I.
It's known that it was used for a cremation site to burn dead. It could have been a purpose of the stones to exorcise the bodies that they would not haunt the Earth or was bad for crops.

I think they were filled with a source of magic energy like blowing them up like a ballon and moved them with ease or ghosting. Maybe they were heated some way to make them lighter.

It's purpose is to keep the path of the Earth aligned with the Moon. (I think) Or a energy too that may repel dark storms called 'supercells' that would suck air down from space at 151 dgs below zero freezing everything in seconds. As thought is the cause of Antarctica not millions of years ago but by a massive circulating supercell formed by changing ocean temperatures.
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I have been to Stongehenge many years ago when you could walk right up to the stones,its all changed now because people have taken bits of the stones as souvenirs and have wrote their names on them.Some of the grafftti goes back 100s of years.
There is a strange energy in and around the Henge,just standing there realising how old it is sent shivers all over me.

Stonehenge is open all year round except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,there is a small fee but on the Summer Solstice when most people attend,it is free and you are allowed inside the stones to watch the sunrise but you have to leave by 8am.
If you ever get the chance to go its well worth the journey,people travel from all over the world for the summer solstice.
Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience, Birdy! My father's family comes from the UK, and I have always wanted to was nice hearing your description of what it felt like to be there. In the States, I'm sad to say that so much is taken down in the name of "progress"...I can only imagine what it is like to be standing right there in front of a structure that is thousands of years old.
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A good book about Stonehenge is:

Stonehenge Decoded
- by Gerald Hawkins

In one of the chapters he talks about how using Stonehenge helped discover a 59 year sun cycle that scientists didn't know existed.
All I can say is it's one of natures mystery's.

[Image: IMG_2803.jpg]
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Well im glad to find this thread cause its a subject i love discusssing so if any one else has any facts on it i would be happy to here them. and Birdy if you read this i would love to here more from you on it sense you actually have been lucky enough to actually go there. but as many have pointed out their is many theories and ideas with various amounts of proof to support them but as far as i know the whole topic of it is controversial and uncertain. i guess one of my popular theories about it myself would be that it was created not by aliens exactly but some race that was here first before mankind maybe their extinct or maybe not mybe they left but the hey who really knows maybe when we finally create time travel if possible a research team could go back and actually see what exactly is the truth behind the mystery of stone hedge. but yea even though this thread was kinda backwater on the site so to speak i hope to hear more about it.
You don't think it was left by all the countries of a certain planet, or as an agreement between planets kind of like the European Union etc?

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