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Real Vampires
Hi Pix. I don't know what their habits are. They look like ordinary people. However, some of them are not as seductive and sexy as they are on TV. I never saw a vampire with fangs. Now, I am NOT saying that they don't exist. All I am saying is, I personally, never saw one with fangs.
Real Vampires = oxymoron
(04-27-2008, 02:13 PM)rebelagent Wrote: I think real Vampires can be considered people who love the taste of blood. Many cultures have involved blood in their dishes. I know that certain asian cultures will eat/drink pig's blood and duck blood, alone. I also know that certain african cultures depend on cow's blood to survive.

I don't believe that a corpse can raise to life and go on trying to suck the life out of others. I feel that was a tale taken out of context.

Vlad the impaler started this entire fear of vampires. The idea of the fangs came from the fact that he would impale his victims and drink their blood from a skull. The fangs were added to make Vlad seem like more of a beast. Later when Vlad was imprisoned he impaled rats on sharpened sticks and bones and would drink their blood in front of the guards. He had an army and I do believe he forced people into and they could do nothing to overcome his power, explaining the one bite and you'll become one.

It's like one big propaganda story gone overboard >.>
no there are no vampires that rise from the grave as most people like to put it if that happens necromancy or something else is involved js

I do believe in vampires but more of the normal humans who either cant tolerate sunlight or in some cases have developed a taste for blood.

but not the sort you can stab with a stake that turn to dust & they most definetly donot sparkle *unless they are glam vamp*
Mmm... it would need a deeper analysis to confirm, but you got a nice start here Smile
If mythical vampires do exist do they even have an enemy?
Too many experiences with the supernatural not to believe there is a possibility!
(10-10-2014, 12:35 PM)Kirkland Wrote: I never thought Vampires were real until a few years ago. I was staying in Hollywood, CA with my band. Our neighbor was a local native guy that was pale and had fangs. Yes, he had real fangs and even said he was insecure about them. He was very nice and had all of us over for dinner several times. He would tell us the craziest stories about growing up in LA and living on the street. My band mates were freaked out because he ate raw meat and drank the blood from the plate. He was a MMA fighter. We still see his post online from time to time. We were all convinced he was a real vampire. He never slept, white skin, fangs, drank blood. He was charismatic and creepy at the same time. We often talk about him because our drummer swears he saw him disappear. They were in the laundry room when it happened. I did not see it, so I can't confirm or deny what happened. I only know what I saw and felt when we would go over to his place.

(10-01-2014, 10:28 AM)MrsMultiTasker Wrote: As I've posted before on another thread.Vampires do exsist.Stay clear of hospitals,Dr.offices,& clinics.They'll suck the life out of you ,in more ways then 1.This is world wide,so be careful.By the way I still own my chupacabra,he's so cute.Must keep him in his home,or all you no what will break loose.Look at the damge his cousins have caused in Texas, Mexico,& also other places.Well ty 4 shareing,keep us posted.
I realize that this post is old, so I'm sure Kirkland, who sent the original post is no longer on here...

If you are, you really should not post someone's name on here. I think you should take this down.

Thank you

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