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The Most Horror Movie You Have Seen Till Now ?
(05-26-2009, 04:52 PM)Charizardftw Wrote:
(09-20-2008, 05:50 PM)UglyNRude Wrote: The scariest, movie with the most publicity that it would scar children for life, people were getting sick watching, People with weak hearts were warned not to see it. was The Excorsist. When it came out in the 70's it was supposed to be the worst movie ever. I saw it with a lot of college students and everyone laughed all the way through it.

Roflmao, how is that possible THE WHOLE MOVIE????? I honestly do not believe that. lolz Oh My!

He doesn't believe in scary movies either.

I don't know if I mentioned Sinister. That was reasonably creepy.
Another creepy movie to me was Black Christmas,the original.The calls are comeing from within the house.Not scary just creepy.I remember back in the day everytime the phone rang,I'd jumped about 3ft in the air,especially when alone,lol.
I started watching "Drag me to Hell" yesterday and I couldn't go on, its really horrible. I'll try to finish it today, It doesn't scare me that much but things that happen there are just not nice.
My hubby,our youngest,& I,watched it,awhile.I really don't know who laughed the hardest,I know my sides were killing me,great comedy!!

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