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Friend Became Possessed and Tried to Lure Me
Please move this or delete it if it's in the wrong place. It will be very long, but I feel like I want to get this off of my chest, so here goes.

My friend wanted to go ghost-hunting one day because we had just started our own ghost hunting YouTube channel, so we went to a small ghost town in northern California that's supposedly haunted. I can't name the town, though, and I'll explain that in further detail as I go through my story.

We arrive at said ghost town at 2:30-3:00 in the afternoon  and we found it to be relatively well kept. There was a post office that was still in operation, and there were some small houses that were inside the town and spread out along the outskirts. So, some people still lived there, but not very many. Most of the town was made of abandoned and broken buildings, some were boarded up and some weren't. Some where completely torn down, and some where only partially deconstructed. Also, the locals didn't seem to care that we were there, and some of them even smiled at us as we arrived. Very cool.

Up until this point I had experienced some paranormal activity, but I was largely a skeptic since most of it could be explained away in some form or another. I was mostly doing this for my friend since he's much more psychic than I am, but something was different that day; as soon as we entered the town my entire body became heavy and I began to hear scattered voices as we pulled into the abandoned cafeteria that was next to the post office. My friend was constantly saying, "Gabe look! Did you see that? It was clear as day!" or, "Gabe! Gabe! Damn, you missed it," and this was while I was just setting up our cameras so that we could actually go explore.

After a lot of distraction I get the cameras ready and we leave the car to explore the town. Imagine the car parked in the cafeteria parking lot, and the post office is the next building over to the right. Turn around, and you see the street, and across the street is a community park with a basketball court. All around the basketball court were large trees that were planted in a methodical way so that it looked like they lined up with one another. It was very close to our car, and something was pulling me that way, so I motioned for my friend to come follow me.

We made our way up to one of the trees, and the closer we got the more my head started to buzz. "What's happening," I couldn't help but think to myself, "This is stuff you only see in movies and fantasy novels, right"? We reached one of the middle-most trees and I hear a female voice that's clear as day that said "close your eyes." I looked at my friend in wide-eyed horror to see if he heard it to, but he didn't, because all he said was, "What's wrong Gabe?" 

I heard it again, louder this time. "Close your eyes!" It wasn't threatening, but it was urgent, and I did as I was told. I was greeted with a vision of a beautiful young woman dressed in white jumping from one of the middle-most trees with a noose tied around her neck. It was a very short vision, it only lasted for a second, but after it was over she said, "That is how I died, cold and alone. I wish you peace along your journey." I opened my eyes and looked for my friend to tell him what just happened, but he was fixated on a particular house that was across the fence on the other side of the park, the side that's furthest from the street that leads to the cafeteria. I saw that he was looking at the house, and so I looked to, and immediately I knew that we shouldn't go in there. It felt evil as all HELL, and I haven't felt anything as evil before or since that one moment. 

"Gabe... Let's go in there."

"No. We're not doing that. Trust me on this, something inside of that house is going to give us a run for our money if we get too close. I have to use the bathroom, you should stand outside and keep watching the house while a take a piss."

Part of me couldn't believe that I, a person who hadn't really believed in ghosts up until that point, was not only seeing ghosts kill themselves in my head but also being able to distinguish between friendly ghosts and ghosts that would kill us if we gave them the chance. I made my way to the bathroom a couple of steps away, and as soon as I stepped inside my entire body felt like it had just burst into flames. I shut my eyes again and I see a black and orange figure. He was right next to me inside of the bathroom, and he shouted at me to "Get out!" I leapt out of the bathroom at the same time that my friend shouted at me, "Don't go in there Gabe, he doesn't like outsiders!" I distinctly remember hearing two different voices at the same time, one coming from inside of my head, and the other distinctly coming from my friend, both saying different messages at the same time. 

At this point I'm genuinely scared. I'm beginning to realize that something very strange is happening here, but I still can't bring myself to fully accept it. I just felt three different, powerful, intense energy presences within the span of 2 minutes or so and I'm seeing these things inside my head like I'm a psychic or something.

I fearfully tell my friend that we should go to the car so that I can sit down and get my bearings together. Mentally, I'm pretty drained, but my friend happens to look behind us and see a graveyard up on top of a hill. He motions to me and says, "Gabe, look at that. Do you see that graveyard? We should go up there." I look at him like he's crazy. "Really? You want to go up there? Now? After all of that?" "Yeah, why not? It'll be fun." As soon as he said this my heart dropped, because I blinked for a little too long and saw that my friend had been possessed, perhaps by the same demon that was in the house that we were staring at. I could tell because when I closed my eyes I saw a perfect recreation of the outside world expect that there was a dark figure that was inside of my friend, controlling his movement and his speech. When I opened my eyes I could see the passion inside of my friend's eyes and I knew that he didn't know what was happening - he thought that we were going to check out a graveyard because it was cool, but I knew that something was horribly wrong, and I could feel the dark energy emanating from my friend at this point.

I didn't panic. I remained calm. I said "Sure, let's check out the graveyard. Why not?" My friend smiled a smile that I had never seen before or since, and it gives me chills even to this day. Something was terribly wrong about that graveyard, and apparently we were going to find out what it was.

I turned the car on and tried to make my way to the top of the hill. It was genuinely hard to find the road that lead to the top of the hill and my friend was becoming more and more frustrated the longer it took. When we find the road we see that one of the locals is already driving their white pickup towards the graveyard, for whatever reason, and they were going very, very slow. This was a relief to me and further frustration for my friend, but we continued onwards. As we reached the top of the hill we saw that there was a gate separating us and the graveyard, and I felt and saw what I (somehow) knew to be a kind of "guardian spirit." He said, "Do not pass the gate. They take travellers like you and turn them into what they are - evil, and tormented." He vanished, and in one motion I turned the car around and began to drive it back down the hill we had just climbed. I explained to my friend what just happened, and the way he responded was strange he said, "Ahh..." in a dreamy and distant way, which is not how my friend is at all. He's a practical and down-to-earth kind of guy, so I found it very alarming. As soon as he said that, though, it didn't feel so heavy anymore - I closed my eyes and I saw that the dark entity had left my friend, and he was back to his normal self again.

We park in the same cafeteria parking lot. It was 4:00ish by this point, and since it was summetime it was starting to become dark. I realized that both of us were in very great danger, and that we should leave as soon as possible, but something was still intriguing my friend - apparently he could see a girl who was standing right outside of my car window. I couldn't see anything even when I closed my eyes so I asked him, "What does she want?" He said, "I don't know, but she seems to like you. She doesn't seem evil, but she seems to like you." I closed my eyes and tried to see this girl that was apparently, standing not even 5 feet away from me, but I simply couldn't. I realized that I either had to find a way to protect myself from these unseen entities or get the dadgum out of there asap.

That's when I began to feel an unexpected, respectable, elite presence near the car. My friend could tell as well because he suddenly whipped his head around to ask me if I felt that. I said yea, I did, but let's see what it's all about. 

I ask out loud, "Who are you?" I get a response in my head, "I'm the major. I don't need your assistance here. You should leave." 

I "thought" a response inside of my head. "Oh, ok, you got it. Sorry to bother you. I felt like I was being called to come here, so I came."

He responded with, "It was probably a lure to kill you. They are powerful spirits, but once again, I can take care of it from here. I'm surprised you two have lasted this long. Do not mention the name of this town to anyone, leave, and never come back."

I felt the presence vanish. It felt very heavy, the heaviest it had been for the entire trip. It clicked in me that if I imagined an orb of white light at the core of my being (aka the solar plexus) I would be safe. I did so, put the keys in the ignition, and hightailed it out of there as fast as I possibly could.

While we were on our way home I could feel one of the spirits following me and trying to latch onto me. I kept imagining the white orb and as long as I did that she couldn't touch me. It was super strange to see her flying in the air right next to my car, though, and I suspect that it was the same girl that my friend had seen standing outside of my window. Eventually she gave up, and both of us made it home safely and vowed to never go to or speak of that town ever again. Well, until now.

I look back at this story and even though I'm a rational, sciencey kind of person, I can't even begin to explain anything that happened that day. I feel extremely grateful to be alive, even though sometimes I remember that day and my head starts to buzz again. Super wierd. I'm done with ghosts for good that's for sure.

And no, before you ask, I'm not telling you the name of the town. I want you to stay safe Smile

tl;dr went to a haunted town, entity possessed friend and tried to kill me, imagining white light protects you from evil stuff.

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