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Hi, Hoping I can find some help here

So I joined in the hope of finding some help. I never was completely sure if I believed in ghosts until my partner and I moved into his old family home. I had had the odd feeling of being watched in the past and there were some interesting events in my student accommodation. Which resulted in two friends refusing to ever come back and visit. But that is not what brought me here.

So the property in question, its an old Dutch style farmhouse in South Africa, which we have come to live in due to his parents having moved out. This house was built by my partner's great-great-grandfather. And for the most part, has been owned by the family. So I suppose it came as no real surprise that this property came with some unexpected residents. 

There are two who I am sure about, neither course any issue or great distress, though the lady in the bedroom had made me jump a few times (she like to whisper apologies and shy when everything is quiet, just how I like my workspace). Both my partner and I have heard her and we never have felt anything bad from her other than the initial surprise. The second one is the one I refer to as the man in the living room, he too seemed to be not much other than an outline. Who I often glance when looking out of the kitchen through the dining room and into the living room. Sometimes when I'm alone in the living room I feel like I have company. And subsequently, I often now great the room in the morning (Sounds crazy but what can you do) or have even asked for help in finding things which I'm pretty sure has worked. Now there is possibly a third entity which course random rooms temperature to plummet but it also could be due to one of the two I have mentioned.

Now after my long ramble the help I need. Which without sounding terrible, my partner's father is not what we would call a great man, in fact, he seems to be under the impression that he can rule all with an Iron fist, both metaphysical and physical. This aside again without going into to much detail and betraying the trust I have from my partner, he is very attached to the property, and that it stays in the family name (I will not tell you the fuss kicked up over me not changing my name, done for nothing more than legal reasons with vias and the like.) So, he is ill and has threatened that when he dies he will come back to this property and make sure we can't do anything he does not approve of. 

So my questions are this, 1) is that possible if he dies elsewhere? 2) is there a way I can prevent him from coming without affecting the other ghosts? and 3) if I have come to the wrong forum does anyone knows where I can get the information I need and could you please tell me where I can get help.

Thanks if you read all that. And I hope my questions don't make me sound like a terrible person, but I scared what could happen.
Welcome to the forums!

You did kinda pick the wrong place to post yr query.  No biggie… but not everyone reads the introductions.  You might want to consider copying this and posting it in the forum dedicated to ghosts.

To be clear, I can give some advice and information, but I’m no expert in these matters.  Anyone who claims to be is playing you.

Now, from a Christian perspective… and as you live in South Africa, that seems a safe bet… the spirits of the departed can’t do anything harmful.  I think you’re safe on that account.  And if a man chooses to die in his own home, with his family… he deserves that right.  If he ‘comes back’ it would only be an effort to repent.

From a Christian perspective… it doesn’t matter where he dies.  Also, you have no say in the matter of whether he visits the house or not.  Just remember… God doesn’t give the souls of those who have passed access to the ‘physical realm’ unless they have good intentions.  A ‘ghost’ can’t harm you. 

From a Christian perspective… demons can be clever little critters so whatever you do, don’t invite them into your home.  Don’t hold seances, don’t try to contact dead relatives.  Don’t even play that silly parlor game Ouija.

All that being said… there are any number of ‘natural’ explanations for everything you’ve experienced.  I can get into them, if you would like. 

All I worry about right now is the gas leak thing.  It can bring on a sense of paranoia (being watched.)  If you and your partner are suffering from dizziness, nausea or smell sulfur (rotten eggs) on a regular basis, you might want to get your gas pipes checked.

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If you have no problems with gas fumes, then I wouldn't worry about the other presence in the place. Your partner's father could simply be messing with your minds. The power of suggestion can be an insidious and pervading influence. I would suggest protecting yourselves from such unhealthy mindsets.

If either of you are religiously inclined, you can consult a priest or religious leader for a house cleansing or blessing. Or some other spiritual expert. You will need to choose whatever works best for your belief system. You can be as specific as you want in your house cleansing. Indicate your wish to expel all unwanted negativity from your place, leaving only peaceful energies that do not wish any harm. These rituals provide us with calm and comfort. It gives us peace of mind and it is an assertion of your will and intent, restoring confidence and control into your hands.
In my family, we have always been aware of the spirit world and the value of rituals and talismans to help us. But it's in the power of belief. From what I've been taught, spirits are generally not allowed to interfere with the living. We can deny them the ability to have any impact in our lives.

Do not allow yourselves to be intimidated by such a negative person. Strengthen your will and conviction. He has NO power over either of you. Especially not after death. When the time comes, he might even be too busy at his own reckoning with his Maker to cause any trouble for the living. Be well and take care of yourselves.
There's life...and then there's the afterlife.

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