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Gnostic Christianity’s hidden in plain sight secret. We must do evil.

I like what you're trying to say, when you say that the "concepts of right and wrong can be avoided simply by true compassion and love". However, I might amend that by changing "avoid" to "resolve".

My only reason for suggesting that is because compassion and love do nothing to avoid right and wrong, as you can do the wrong things out of compassion/love. This leads to the phrase "Do the wrong things for the right reasons".

As you further explain, compassion and love helps to abate the belief in evil being a necessity in your system. Living compassionately fundamentally resolves the problem of always finding evil, because you cannot find evil with compassion. With compassion, the most evil being imaginable (the devil) becomes a meek child with daddy issues.

As I said, I like a lot of what you just said. I only make my suggestion as a point of clarity.
(03-17-2018, 04:10 AM)makingmoreof Wrote: Hi
RE: we must engage in evil because this material plane is evil, an imperfect simulation run by an evil entity = The Demiurge

This rigid concepts of right and wrong can be avoided simply by true compassion and love which will to an understanding of the nature of good and such qualities will help to destroy the misguided and warped concepts of evil.  As long as you believe in this evil it becomes a reality in YOUR SYSTEM, and you will always find it demonstrated.  Your belief in this evil will find justification.  And if you haul this approach thru successive reincarnations, creations then you'll add to its reality.
This little note may come in handy when you review your LIFE; may help in the lectures.
And don't worry if you can't BELIEVE it now the SELF has it's journey it KNOWS.

Good luck in your search for answers.

My understanding of love, is that when the positive bias for something is created in your mind, like love, then you automatically create the negative bias or hate for whatever would jeopardise that love.

If you love your child, for instance, you will hate anything that put's your child in harms way.
Hate, in that sense is good.

That view of creating both sides of a bias has been proven by experiments with children.

We cannot help but hate just like we cannot help but do some evil as we have to compete.

(03-17-2018, 10:55 PM)KaelisRa Wrote: @Gnostic;
I'm going to forego the part where you saw "I have yet to prove it though". My reason for this is because it's far less interesting than the reason for which Gnostic Christianity (as per their own statements) claim to have been created.

Just based on simple logic, Gnostic Christianity could not possibly have predated Christianity, because Christianity would have to have been in play in order for the very system to be formed around it. Based on everything you've described, Gnosticism is more of a reaction to belief systems and religions. That means that in order for it to create itself, it needs to have a system to criticize.

However, outside of that, I'll be quite honest. I am quite familiar with Gnosticism in it's root form. Academically, I've graduated with my masters in philosophy. Professionally, it's interesting how you can find jobs that have nothing to do with your academics xD hahaha. OK soooooo....

I spent a lot of time on certain topics. First and foremost, moral philosophy and political applications. Second, (and obviously) epistemology. Lastly, the philosophy of religion. I can literally look to my left and look at several books by Kierkegaard, St. Aquinas, Aristotle, and Nietzsche. But I digress. My only point is that I have been trying to, nicely, explain to you why Gnosticism does not make any real sense.

Gnosticism, not gnostic christianity, predates Christianity. However, it does not necessarily predate the Hebrew scriptures that it relies so heavily on. Gnostic Christianity was created as a response to Christianity, in much the same way that Gnosticism was created as a response to the Hebrew scriptures. Furthermore, gnosticism relies heavily on Platonic writings and Aristotelian logic. The only problem you have shown in many of your doesn't actually follow any of their principles. Not in logic, not in beliefs. It takes from the logic what it must, and then puts its own spin on things (as many religions do).

One interesting fact, that many do not know, is that the great philosophers of ancient times (and from different countries/regions) did actually meet together. They swapped ideas, and you can find similar principles and logical arguments between the cultures of Ancient Greece and India. There has always been an exchange of ideas. It's just that, since they predate dependable archival measures, things would jumble and get lost.

Gnosticism looked to logically approach religion, but failed. No logical approach to any form of Abrahamic religions was seen until the likes of Aquinas and others of his ilk. At that point in time, Gnosticism came and went without a blip on philosophers' radar. It's sad, but true.

You cannot find documentation proving Gnostic Christianity predates Christianity, because it doesn't exist. You can find gnostic documents, not to do with Christianity, but they will have very little application to the Abrahamic religion, as it has developed over time. Gnosticism is just a system that refuses to die. It should. It should definitely leave to make room for something better, but it won't.

By God, it won't.

It strikes me that all that education was wasted on you.

Gnostic Christianity is a free thinker's religion. That is the way with esoteric ecumenists.

Tell us what is better than that.

And we're back full circle. xD You can't come at me from a logic perspective, so you attack ad hominem again. Then, you go back to what you continue to claim (despite staring logic in the face), and try to make it real by repeating it over and over...and over. Much like gnosticism has tried to do in the past. It didn't work then. It isn't working now. Grow up.
Yeah, that's enough of this thread. Can't debate nicely, you lose your thread.
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