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'Mama' on ouiga board
Naively did Ouiga Board as a joke with neice and sister in law over holiday. My mother who I called 'mama' died last December 1. We went into it open to anyone but not scared and positive. We got highjacked by 'mama' who I assumed was my mother. Asked names of her siblings, children, grandchildren, her mother-in-law, where she was born and spirit spelled out all of it correctly. I asked where my mother and I vacationed for a month and it correctly spelled out 'paris' although it could have been a lucky guess from previous question. I asked yes/no about afterlife and got all positive answers. I naively asked if she knew when I would die (I know, I know) and it answered 'no'. That the spirit was with my grandmother, with loved ones watching over me (these through yes/no questions). Spelled 'love' at one point. Nothing scary or frightening. A couple specific questions had garbled answers though (asked what she was happy I wound up with of hers). My brother entered and asked a couple more challenging questions and we got garbled answers. He was somewhat mocking process and sceptic. Then it signed off 'bye' 'mama' then went to goodbye at the bottom. Only to google about zozo/mama/demons pretending to be loved ones. So was I bamboozled? It felt real and loving and went on a long time. I asked my mothers spirit to make an appearance 30 minutes before and we were all family. Could a trickster spirit answer all that including where she was born? This was not done at my house nor do I have the board.
Science says its all in your mind, subconsciously answering your own questions.
I remember when the "ZoZo" fad started. I recall seeing ZoZo mentioned on a blog, then on other sites here and there. Eventually everyone was meeting up with ZoZo on their Ouija Boards.

There are a lot of ZoZo the Ouija Demon stories at

To me it looks like a bandwagon sort of thing. People hear that ZoZo is an important demon and they want to be visited by "him" too. If it were possible to have a test subject who had never heard of ZoZo pull that name out of a Ouija board it might be compelling but then again a name like "zozo" could come up randomly too.

I always thought it more likely that a Ouija Board's message came from the minds of the "players" than from a demon.
Terrifying Mama Experience Wrote:"It was the most terrifying feeling we'd ever experienced. We felt that if we had asked another question, something bad would happen. I quickly told Mama goodbye, and we cleansed the board, said our prayer, and called whom ever we needed to make us feel better. I didn't think that I playing the Ouija board would be so threatening. That is why we were so comfortable with playing it. But, this last session was the one to shake us to the core. It was as if an intruder came in after unlocking all my doors, threatening to eat us alive. It was the quickest fear I'd ever became over whelmed with, and I know she felt the same.

Do NOT play with Mama, Zozo, whatever they call themselves. THEY WILL HURT YOU. Just their presence alone is just as dangerous!"

EXCERPT FROM - Terrifying Mama Experience

Zozo Mama Or Zeze Wrote:"A couple days later, we used the board again three times in one day. Each time, we were speaking to an entity that called itself "mama", "zozo", or "zeze". I knew this was a dangerous demon, and so did my friend, but I was excited. We played the "number game", in which we would each think of a number and the entity would guess it, and he never failed to guess the correct number. It was astounding to me, but I could tell my friend was extremely uncomfortable. We closed each session when one of us began to feel ill."

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