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Ouija board
Question: I have a Ouija board and I don't want it any more. How do I get rid of it? Can I just throw it in the garbage?

My honest advice to you would be No, that's a really bad idea.
You could sell it, people are always buying them, might as well get some $$ out of it instead of just trashing it. Especially with the upcycling craze right now some one is probably looking for a cheap one, especially if it's an older one.
I have heard that cutting it up and burying it will do the trick. I still have it but I am scared to use it.
I have not read up on the subject but I don't see way throwing it away would cause harm. When it is in a box not being used and no doors or energies are being opened and everything had been closed properly. Then it is just a game board at that point.
I would recommend selling it rather if you just want to get some cah meyby saving up for something sense these things seem to sell very high by what I've noticed stumbling to look even thought not buying anything but if you just want to get rid of it fast, then yes cutting it up and burying it would just be fine as long as you don't burn it or do something that you are not allowed to dispose of it by then it's fine. I'd still recommend burying it further from your house thought still just incase.

"To play a wrong note is insignificant, To play without passion is inexcusable" ~ Ludvig van Beethoven

Here is what you do: Do a ouija board session and trap the spirit inside the board.

Burn it and use the ashes as a curse spell for someone you don't like.

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