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Coming January 2017 " Ghosts in the Hood"
WE tv ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts. The network has ordered six hour long episodes of paranormal docuseries “Ghosts in the Hood” and set them to premiere Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017.

“Ghosts in the Hood” follows a group of ghost hunters called “O.P.O.,” or Office of Paranormal Operations. They investigate in the areas of Los Angeles that other teams won’t, looking to resolve unexplained issues for their client. Sometimes, that means busting some ghosts. Others, that means explaining how seemingly paranormal activity is actually pretty normal.

Finally a team with a comedian
I am fully convinced that the creator of this show brilliantly scammed the network and that it is actually a very well done parody of all the other shows.
Can you say "Fake News" or in this case "Fake Show"!
[Image: bygone1.gif]
I gave the show 10 minutes and I changed it soon after. Usually I give a show 4 episodes, but the show did not deserve a second, third, or fourth chance.
Tarantulas: i have 20 soon to be 25. Haunted places i've had the pleasure to visit: randolph county infirmary.

Short disclaimer/reminder:

It is not advised in any way to enter a property without the owners written permission. Those who trespass will likely be arrested for their actions and face prosecution, which may result in fines, community service, or worse jail. No location and potential haunting or urban legend is worth breaking the law no matter what your peers may say. 

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