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What do you think about the Disclosure Project and the movie Sirius Disclosure?
I think extraterrestrials exist, but don't know what to think about the documentary. What do you think?

Just a suggestion, if you want to know if something is real google the thing and add fake or hoax to the search.
Example: Disclosure Project hoax or disclosure project, fake or disclosure project debunked
That's not always an accurate way to find out. 10 years ago, I found something someone said was fake or a hoax, and it wasn't. People call everything a hoax. Edit, it was on snopes of all places. Immediately lost all respect for that site.

An old thread, but though typing hoax into a search is no good, adding the word 'facts' can yield gold as you get articles which go along the lines of "Or so the story goes... but what are the facts?"

The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it. ~ Terry Pratchett

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