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wish fulfillment
I am a new member. Can anybody tell me if there is a person or an angel or anybody can really make your any positive wish come true without any collateral or any side effects. I mean is there any spiritual being who can talk to you and fulfill your desire that is positive and good. I really need the answer
Maybe a genie. Hmmm. I should look into the origin of the genie.

Think about it this way. What happens to children who get everything they ask for? Never satisfied, screaming, rude brats.
The hero is brave in deeds as well as words - Aesop

Please all, and you will please none - Aesop
While I'm no expert, I don't think it works that way.

If we assume that there is a meaning and plan for our lives and that our spiritual journey involves taking the good with the bad to learn whatever lessons we are supposed to learn, then expecting a spirit to just readily grant us what we want would be counter to our spiritual development.
Can't we just have a spiritual "cookie" once in a while? Wink Or a spirit or angel that "pays it forward". Helping others who are in spiritual poverty to live more spiritually, I think, would be nice, and would give them better karma also.

It would be fine with me, but it would be up to these so-called "spirits"
Fred and Barney had Gazoo, and with every wish that got zapped some mischief followed.
Angels are no gods or deities so I don't think they can grant any wishes.

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