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is OUIJA BOARD safe?
(03-10-2018, 10:18 AM)makingmoreof Wrote: .to have a glimpse in logical terms you would have to understand it in spiritual, psychic, and electomagnetic terms, and understand the basic nature of consciousness and action as well.

You can not mix computer hardware/software with human anatomy. It just not going to work in the way you're getting at. It just leads to unneeded confusion. There are better ways to amalgamate it but not through the religious aspect as technology is indifferent to religious practices to begin with.

If you want to make sense, speak directly and easy to understand instead of using terms from another system in which you aren't even sure of yourself how they work.

Also, in my opinion; Jane Roberts is a fraud.
[Image: space.gif]
You see, I can agree that you can mix the two. My problem is when you try to throw spirituality into the mix. Spirituality butts heads with computer science, in the sense that the comp. sci. is dealing with material values, while the spiritual is dealing with unquantifiable values.

I will agree that there very well could be a lot at play, but that book shouldn't be considered as a text to follow directly. You should take any of these philosophies and put them through your own logical rigor (hopefully it has been developed). You'd be surprised how little anything spiritual, psychic, and electromagnetic terms might have to do with logic at all.

Also, I hold the same stance as Vulty, on Jane Roberts. She's not very credible at all.

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