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Deadly Possessions - Thoughts?
I'm watching Deadly Possessions right now and I'm just wondering if anyone else is tuning in and any opinions on the show.
(04-02-2016, 08:35 PM)starpixie Wrote: I'm watching Deadly Possessions right now and I'm just wondering if anyone else is tuning in and any opinions on the show.

I'll watch later but I'm not holding out much hope. His hype said it was about stuff he collected but I see his first show is about Robert the Doll and the Dybuk (sp?) Box. Hardly stuff he has. I'm not into his Aftershocks either. If a show doesn't have evidence I don't usually watch it. Stories are stories. Give me the evidence.
So the museum is not only of stuff he has collected. It's also donated stuff. Hmmm. Do they get a split of the admission charge?
I don't understand why these folks would risk transporting these items just to be on TV. The Dibbuk box is supposed to be so evil it stays buried and yet here it is, doors wide open. Robert the Doll is well known, not only in Key West but most of South and Central Florida. Curious people who want to see him go there. I just thought it very irresponsible.
I'll give it another episode or two just to hear the stories behind some items but I'm not impressed.
As whether they are haunted or not....too many stories to totally discount anything.

How about your take StarPixie?
I find the stories behind them interesting, but I thought the box part of the show was a joke, the guy pacing and rambling and the part when they went to see the rabbi? when he got red and started coughing was really over the top, it almost seemed like the owner and previous owner were sharing side eyed grins. The Robert the Doll part was pretty standard on what I've read about it, nothing new really, except the old guy when he jumped and yelled I thought that was funny, he reminds me of a cartoon character. If anything it's semi-entertaining, factuality pending lol
I think it's ok,i watch it because i love zak
I honestly forgot to watch. I like Zak but he can be hard to take some times. I like Aftershock because I like the follow up and I love hearing the stories because that's what this is all about, hearing other people's experiences. I think 90% of what is seen on these shows is fake, especially Ghost Hunters, but it's that 10% that keeps me watching!
Oh and this show? HUGE rip off of John Zafis's show, Haunted Collector.
Dybbuk Box wiki
Ah those who believe blindly ignore the real truths.
Fact the eBay stories, coupled with Haxton's claims in his book, add up to a grand total of three people who ever had the box, all of whom wrote about it for money, and none of whom ever produced a shred of evidence that it had any unusual properties. For me, the dybbuk box is one of the weaker ghost stories out there; so long as you consider only what's known to have happened, and take the fictionalized, dramatized, unevidenced retellings with the grain of salt they deserve.

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