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My kid wants a Ouija Board, insists it's safe...
My oldest kid and I (15) are basically convinced our house is haunted. The list of reasons why could go on for days, so I'll give you the few best examples. Number one, just beyond the stone wall in our backyard is a cemetery. Some graves date back to the early 1800's while some are still fresh. Not a very large one, but we live in a small (tiny) town, so it's decent sized to our measures. Number two, my step son who is 9 lost his mother when he was 3 (I think the spirit in our home is most likely her, because we're not really frightened by the presence we feel. However, we are very aware of it. She did not pass in this house though. Just figured that was worth mentioning) Number three is an incident that occurred several months ago. I was laying in bed one morning while my 4 year old son ran back and forth between my room and his playing and showing me toys. I had noticed the sleeves of his P.J shirt were much too long for him because he kept pushing them up. Well after being in his room for a few minutes he came back in and I noticed one of his sleeves was perfectly rolled up (which he could not possibly have done on his own.) I thought to myself kind of chuckling "That was nice of the ghost to help him roll his sleeve up!" But I said nothing to him about the sleeve at all. Well without missing a beat he looks at me and says, "What are you thinking Mommy? That a ghost just comed in here?" And I just stared at him for a few seconds because I was speechless (which is RARE!) And all I could say was, "How did you know that??" and he nonchalantly said "I just know things" and walked back to his room! So onto number four. Since moving in with my husband I have done a lot of redecorating. In our dining room I painted a small wall in a vivid accent color, and furnished it with a large mirror (I'd say about 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide and at least a half in thick) And about a month or so after Christmas my husband made me an accent table to complete my "vision" for the wall lol Anyway, about a month or so later my son and I are laying in bed one morning and we hear this sound from downstairs like someone slapping their palm loudly on a table is the best way I can think to describe it. Just once, but fairly loud. At first I thought it must have been my husband until I remembered he had already left for work. Well we didn't hear anything else so I didn't think much of it. About an hour or so later we go downstairs to eat breakfast and my mirror is literally broken clean into two pieces, yet still hanging perfectly on the wall in the brackets! There was no one else home at the time that could have even touched it, never mind broken it basically in half! My husband said he had two similar incidences of thick glass breaking cleanly for no apparent reason, not long after the death of his son's mother. So a few nights ago after reading online some spooky things children have said to their parents, I decided to ask my 4 year old if there was ghosts here. He told me they're in the woods, but they're trying to get out. I asked if there were ghosts in the house and he said no. Then he said "They're dead" I was like "I know, that's what makes them ghosts silly!" So I asked if it had a name, he said Rick. I said is he a nice ghost or a scary ghost? He said scary. Then he just started responding to my questions with silly talk. I know kids make up stories, but he was so spot on about the sleeve thing so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask him a couple questions. There are many more examples like my 7 month old and 4 year old HATING the baby's bedroom. He slept in there occasionally the first 3 or so months of his life and then he would wake up screaming for what seemed like no reason, EVERY TIME he was in there until he refused to go in there at all. The second I lay him down he's up and screaming and will not stop until I go get him. My 4 year old is also not very fond of this room. It is a railroad (I think that's what it's called) bedroom where you have to walk through our 9 & 15 year old's room to get to the baby's room and our 9 year old must have the door closed to that room at all times, especially at night, he won't sleep if the door to that room is open. It used to be my husband's office. I've also had sleep paralysis since I started living here. I had it very rarely as a child, and had an episode about two years ago where for about a month I wouldn't even go to sleep unless my husband was in the room with me. Even if he wasn't going to bed yet, I would make him stay with me until I fell asleep. Plus a million other spooky little things that we all notice on a daily basis. Anyway back to the original point of this post. My 15 year old wants to get a Ouija Board to try to contact whoever is in our home. I've experimented with the board numerous times as a young teen, and while I've had some creepy things be said and the board actually slide towards us on the bed, there were never any real, serious, lasting consequences from it. But I have heard all the horror stories and know the risks of it. But I guess my question is, in our situation would it be a wise thing to consider doing? We have 5 children and I don't want to put them in any kind of danger. And if it is a terrible idea (like I have a feeling it is) what would be a better way to try to make contact? It's also worth mentioning that at 14, my best friend was hit by a car while our group was trying to cross the interstate after fleeing a party and police. She died within hours. I witnessed this event and would give anything to be able to make contact with her. Even though I know it may not be a wise decision, I am seriously considering purchasing a Board. I would love any thoughts, questions, comments, anything. Thanks in advance Smile
Hopefully this doesn't sound to cliche, but, never underestimate the power of intention. I believe we always find what we are truly looking for, the human spirit is an extremely powerful force. Our direct intentions and observations are key to the creation of our reality. Always remember, you get what you give. Be careful! Smile
I don't think that younger children under the age of 18 should be using a board. Even if they think they know who the spirits are, it's better to be safe than sorry. There are other methods of getting in touch with the deceased without opening a doorway for them to get through.
A ouija board is NOT a toy for one, and can be very dangerous if not used the correct way. If they don't understand the rules of the board, I'd say no to buying them one. It's better to be safe than sorry. Don't trust the spirit world, because what you think is one thing is sometimes completely opposite of what it really is.
Don't use the ouija board I used it when I was a child and I got possessed by a lot of evil spirits there still following me sometimes its nearly impossible to get rid of them. If you play the ouija board it will be the worse mistake you make in your life your basically opening a door way to hell and demons will come out of it. Demons are not your friend they will try to kill you and your family its in there nature. Demons are 100% evil. You might open a doorway that will stay open for the rest of your life. Stay away from the ouija board I dont know why they sale it. Its purpose is to destroy peoples lives.
As a parent who has lived in a haunted building while raising a small child, I get where you're coming from. I might also add that it would be wiser to not directly ask a young child "if there are ghosts here" because it's like putting the idea in his head and giving him reason to think there is something going on, especially when mommy starts asking such questions. This can lead to fear, anxiety and a deeper belief that everything that happens is a cause of ghosts. When my daughter was showing signs that something or someone was disturbing her at night I asked her to draw a picture of what she was seeing. I have to say that young kids wearing black, formal clothing with blackened, sunken eyes and mean faces is surely unnerving. But at least I had an idea of what she was seeing or what could be going through her head.
As for the mirror, cracks in mirrors and glass can occur seemingly on their own with very natural and normal causes. It could be a spontaneous breakage or stress crack. This guy does free consultations via email.

The fact that you're living next to an old cemetery, kids imaginations will go wild and they will even make up rumors and blame every off thing on ghost. Now, I doubt you want your kids living in fear. A good idea would be to go around the house, actually research first and perhaps bring in a home inspector, and just look around and explore ways the house can act and sound strange with very non-scary and normal explanations.
You can, also, explain to them about the importance of treating the deceased with respect and let them rest. And that is not trying to disturb spirits with a Ouiji board.

Babies and toddlers wake up screaming for many reasons other than the paranormal. Mine used to wake up with night terrors and nightmares when she was a toddler. Kids that young don't like the dark or like to be alone in bedrooms. They're imaginations are running rampant and they are often coming in and out of dreams throughout the night. Sometimes, still dreaming as they are coming out of sleep. It doesn't mean they hate their bedrooms because of an unseen entity. I really feel the idea of the house being haunted is stemming from you and the kids are picking up on it.
I am concerned and confused at the fact that you played with a Ouija board with your daughter as a young teen and now you are asking a forum if it's a good idea to let her have one to contact spirits.
That board has always been a no-no in my house and she knows not to use one when she's over at friends.

The paranormal is fun and interesting. As parents, we need to be smart about it and not let it get to our kids heads or our own.
The hero is brave in deeds as well as words - Aesop

Please all, and you will please none - Aesop
Simple answer is No, don't allow it.
I'd say Ouijas are ok for a 15 year old as long as your helping don't let him use it with other underage people tho and make sure noone under 15 is around goodluck and be careful
All i read was the title........tell your kids NO!
Name just one instance of a child harmed by ouija. Now if you google it you find an article kids possessed by ouija but once again if you research it the kids were 18 to 22 and doing an hallucinogen. Other then that name a case where its shown to be dangerous. The problem is the parents belief system.

Tens of millions of Ouija boards have been sold. The modern Ouija board is over 100 years old
Despite this there is not a single shred of evidence that anyone has ever died from using a Ouija board. Annually approximately 120,000 people die yearly from accidents and 40,000 from suicide (CDC in the USA). Hippos kill 3,000 people yearly, falling out of bed kills 450 annually. 24,000 people are killed annually due to lightning.
This means that you are more likely to be killed by a hippopotamus, by falling out of your own bed, or by a lightning strike than to die from using a Ouija board. Yet delusional adults seem to be the real problem.

Remember if you can prove supernatural exists you can cash in on many rewards.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
It is not safe at all.

1) He can be possessed
2) He can be traumatized
3) Evil entities can feed off his energy

Would suck bigtime.

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