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The Dead Files
I know this isn't a recent show. But the reruns are being aired regularly lately.
This show is just weird and there is something more disturbing about it than the hauntings themselves and creepy, scary sketches.
I don't know whether all the people on this show are dealing with a haunting or not. What I do notice is that there is a detective that, at least, does a thorough investigation and even helps brings answers to mysteries and legends surrounding the properties.
The sketches are cool. I'll say that. But that's where the good things about the show end.

I'm very curious as to how okay that girl, Amy Adams is. She just contorts her face so much I think she's about to seizure.
I often wonder how true it is that the 2 don't see each other before the end of the show. She is quite the cliché down to the "I see dead people." It's like she watch The Sixth Sense and decided she was a medium.

It's quite entertaining when she reacts to someone who's still cynical of the hauntings and scoffs at what she suggests the homeowners do, which is often at their own search and expense.
Some of the types of people this lady advises to seek out are very hard to find. Like some "chaos magician" or someone who can get rid of a curse. People you just can't find in the want ads. She doesn't even refer them to anyone specific, just let's them go off on their own and hope for the best. This part of the show ticks me off. She can't even help the homeowners find the right people or do anything herself to alleviate the activity.
The detective guy should know better and bring in Mike Holmes to inspect the property to really see if any of their claims have anything to do with the structure.
It seems this show is all about the investigation and freaking out the property owners even more, or pushing their beliefs their place is haunted into having them be completely scared into thinking it's demon or some dark, twisted spirit. The way she (I'm bad with names) describes the spirits is always dark and distorted. She's just weird and I take whatever she says with a grain of salt.
I know all T.V. shows have a falsity to them. I think there is the odd person that goes on this show who genuinely just wants to get their experience out in the open, but those are the exception. Heck, I thought of going on Paranormal Witness but I don't think any of my experiences have been that spectacular and I don't want to make a mockery out of myself nor to what I experienced as it is very personal to me. Plus, I wouldn't want to do that to my daughter. I once allowed a news station interview me for something completely off topic. They asked if my daughter could go on camera. I'm like "Uh, no. I'm not doing that to her." At least they didn't argue with me about it. But as they were interviewing me I started to notice they had their own agenda where I wanted to talk about something proactive, they wanted to talk about something to get a reaction. Then they totally messed up a piece of info about me that I was very sensitive about. I could have called them and have them make that correction the next day but I just left it alone and hoped people wouldn't care or remember. It's not like it was an issue that affected most people.
And I'm rambling. So, that sounds off topic of what I was originally talking about. However, I just thought that gives a personal example of how I understand how fake and inaccurate anything on T.V., even shows that are supposed to be believed to accurate, is.
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First of all, her name is Amy Allen. Second, so she's got an expressive face? What's the big deal with that? I'd rather her expressions be animated so you really understand how deeply she's feeling something. As for the sort of things she tells the people they should or have to get, yeah I agree it's difficult but I thought she, Amy, off the air gives them people to contact? Also, have you looked in a phone book lately? It's all there.
Amy Allen got a psychology degree from U of A while I was a student there. I remember one Halloween she did a radio broadcast on a local radio station. It was very impromptu, but extremely interesting... she set up one of my absolute favorite ghost walks in Tucson too... before leaving to work on the Dead Files. The tour is one of the best researched in terms of historical accuracy and facts... and the alleged ghosts are backed up by the history, which is one thing I look for in the context of ghosts and hauntings.

The horrible thing about TV is they are condensing a couple weeks of investigation and hours of film footage into an hour long segment. Ultimately, a lot is left on the cutting room floor... plus, the director has to make that hour the most entertaining and exciting experience for viewers to hook them. Allen has no role in what footage is used in the actual show. I personally like the show because, unlike other paranormal shows, she uses the same research techniques and methodology used to generate my favorite ghost walk in Tucson. Of course, I always place more emphasis on history than on hauntings, so that may be why I find it entertaining... the ghosts are just an interesting side story.

... and for the record, what research I was able to do on some of the haunted locations in Tucson backed what her group came up with.... my only point of contention with Allen is that she finish writing that book on the Santa Rita hotel.... which was alleged to be more haunted than places famous for their ghosts. The hotel was torn down in 2009, the land was fallow for a year, and now houses the HQ for the local electric company in the form of a giant concrete and glass monolith of a structure. I moved away before hearing any stories of the new building being haunted, but I have a few good tales of my own about the old hotel.
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I believe this show is for entertainment purposes only.
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