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Jailhouse Pizza
Name: Jaihouse Pizza

State: Kentucky
County: Meade
City: Brandenburg

Some History
Jailhouse Pizza was originally a jail and now used as a pizza place. It is one of the only jails that executed people still standing today in Kentucky. Jesse James's brother was jailed there, and if I remember correctly was also hung there. They hung people through a trap door on the 2nd floor of the jail.

The jail is now a pizza place and is known as Jailhouse Pizza. It is still .......

the original jail, nothing has been taken away only some additions made for a cooking and dining area. The trap door is still there and you can see it above you if you choose to eat in the dining area. You also have the choice to eat inside the original cells.

My Experience
I want there with my mom one day to eat and we got a cell on the 2nd floor to sit at. It was a slow day and there was only one waiter up there and no one else. I heard something say my name but it wasn't my mom, .....
the waitress wasn't there and she doesn't know my name anyways. One of the jail cell doors next to us slam shut. I know it sounds weird but I'm serious. There was no one there and no wind, which probably wouldn't be able to push doors that heavy shut. My mom was freaked out but I thought it was kind of cool, but ofcourse a little bit scary.

The Manager
We got to talk to the manager later that night and asked him if anything weird has happened to him. He said "Yes, this place is haunted. I've had...
cells slam, my name called, something touch my shoulder, and shadows moving around cells when no one's there, I won't go on the 2nd floor at night by myself anymore".

They were very nice and had great food. I definetly plan on coming back before I go back to NY.

[Image: jailhouse_pizza_500x375.jpg]
I'm going to comment on this more later as I have little demons, I'm sorry, I mean my children wanting their dinner. Sounds fascinating though!
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Yes it does sound really fascinating. And, I think it's great that the manager has had some of the same experiences there that you had. Not quite sure where Brandenburg is, but if I'm ever in that area, I'd love to eat there. Just eating inside the cell must have been a little freaky itself.
I have a friend that lives up that way and he says Brandenburg is a hot spot. I haven't heard about the pizza place before. Sounds like it would b interesting.
(07-13-2009, 11:53 PM)Renee34 Wrote: I have a friend that lives up that way and he says Brandenburg is a hot spot. I haven't heard about the pizza place before. Sounds like it would b interesting.

I haven't lived here for that long but have been to 3 supposedly haunted places. I've had experiences at 2 of them but the 3rd place is a certain part of Meade County high school. It was once used for a morgue, so one part of main building is haunted and behind the football field.
Also, there is a cemetary pretty close to the school.
I read about the school on some site. I want to visit waverly hills just once. It is in Louisville. Do u plan on going by there too? I will have to send my friend an text and ask him some of the places we talked about before. I will get back with u later today. He works for Jefferson co. Public schools.
I am going to Waverly Hills eventually. I talked to a person who's investigated it before and they said it was very weird. I'm glad they aren't turning it into a hotel. It's cool the way it is. They were going to turn the 1st & 2nd floors in to a hotel and leave the 3rd in tact for investigations but they ended up having some sort of disagreement with the architect.

and cool, I know where jefferson county is. It will be nice knowing if there's anymore haunted locations in the area =)
Oh, I would SO want to go have a pizza there! All of Kentucky sounds awesome! My ex-husband's family is from Hardinsburg, and they have told me there is a cemetery down the road from their house that is very haunted.

Thanks for posting that picture, AvengingAngel. It looks so cool! It even has the feel of being haunted........don't know exactly how to put it into words. And the fact that the manager has had experiences as well...................

Now I want a pizza! Jailhouse or not, I want a pizza!
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

pizza's awesome, but if your ever in that area I would recomend Snappy Tomatoe's
Here's another picture of it:
[Image: Jail-1.jpg]

Jailhouse Pizza Site

Snappy Tomatoe's Site
thats cool
maybe i could go there sometime.
even though this is supposed to be a fun post i think the door think could be explained. like the interia on the door could of made it shut
im hungry can the ghost in my closet do it?Icontexto-emoticons-04-032x032

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