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Contacting a loved one...
Wow, thanks for the sarcasm and mockery. Huge help. I was honest, forthright and asking for advice, silly me. Again, thank you for taking an extremely personal, emotionsl subject for me and making it a joke, your the coolest kids on the short bus...
(06-24-2014, 12:44 PM)SupernaturalLady Wrote: First off I am so sorry for your loss.....On that note you should never operate a Ouija board under duress. Although Ouija can be very informative you should never expect to make contact with a loved one. There are millions of stories of entities that pretend to be a loved one that can cause more pain then closure. My advice? Take the much needed time to heal and remember and honour the love you and your mother shared. Ouija etc should only be operated with a clear and healthy mindframe so as not to invite entities that wish you harm. I wish you all the best in your time of healing and good luck in your future endeavors. (link removed per forum rules)

Thank you.
I believe you when you said this non-closure has you cutting yourself off emotionally from family and friends. You've even lost your sense of humor. Take the good advice of taking time to heal and forget the Ouija board.
Its not a humorous subject for me, I thought that was pretty clear. What did I say that would make you think otherwise? I asked for advice, methods, etc... Not condescending mockery.
Beyond doing it yourself I would suggest a reputable medium/psychic if you have one in your area. Losing someone is always hard and a delicate subject to touch on for others. I truly hope you find what you are looking forSmile
There was no condescending mockery. Just a silly joke about a Ouija Board.
I don't ride the short bus,I walk.Gas prices are to high,plus I wear a hockey helmet just in case.
First off, the links that were posted by SupernaturalLady have been removed per forum rules. 25 posts for links in a signature and 50 posts for an advertisement in Show Your Stuff forum. You can PM her for further information, although I personally would look for a group that will try to find logical explanations first and foremost.

Gee...and I thought it was only the skeptics that were accused of mocking and making fun on here. We didn't even touch this one.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Ty Ty very much.
Personally as you are at very vulnerable place emotionally I would wait, you are a prime candidate for scammers and frauds to take advantage.
What blaze suggested about writing your feelings etc down and then burning it is a standard and recognised therapeutic exercise that has worked for many, so certainly worth trying.
If you decide to go ahead and visit a psychic/medium make sure it's one who is recommended by someone you know and trust, only give yes and no answers you can always say more at the end of the reading, remember it's very easy to give information away with only a few words!
Whatever you decide I wish you luck as I too know how it feels to lose a loved one so you have my thoughts with you.
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!

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