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HELP! Looking for answers..
Hello, and hang in there. Your little girl was a normal, happy, 4y old in till you moved in that house. The black dog could be (not saying it is) some evil spirit that has latched on to her. Because, with all this medical attention, it doesn't sound like she is getting any better. Maybe something else is wrong. Sense you are Baptist, I suggest you go to your prayer closet and lay this burden before the Lord. Keep seeking medical help for your daughter, and wait for God's answer.
Once again Amen!!
The odd part is the man, not just the dog.

To be honest, I'd rather have more insight on your daughters point of view. A large black dog, in british folklore; is a hellhound guided by the Devil. (Not sure where you live) yet this might give you some barrings.

I'm curious as what the medical field has to say about your daughter, I wouldn't say she'd be Schizophrenic just because she hears voices and sees people. I see and hear people all the time, just this morning I was tired yet relaxed and I heard nothing but a female's voice arguing; no Tv's were on, and then I shook my head and my hearing seemed to adjust. I was hearing the birds, ironically the voices before were barking orders about getting things; maybe worms? Not sure.

I've dealt with people from Autism, to Schizophrenia, and places in between. I don't blame you for searching every possible option.

Now, just judging from what I've read is that what you believe is a possible cause; is still essentially lingering around. Have you performed any type of purification, or cleansing of your daughter; even around your house will help. You can talk to your local priest about it all and explore options.

To assume that someone needs an exorcism is jumping the gun. I've seen kids hurt themselves in many ways and it's just because of personal problems, depression, anxiety, or a mixture of everything at once.

If anything make your child feel more safe, tell them you believe them as saying it's all "nonsense" is putting them down and creates a barrier between you and the child. Psychology 101 will tell you that, children respond well when you playfully dismiss it or when you fully tell them you understand and will do what you can to help.

My questions were:
Has she been baptized?
Did the dog actually give her any name?
What about this man with the dog, did he speak?
The tantrums she throws, what is the trigger for them?

Understand I am no professional, but in religious aspects we stand on opposite ends. I'm entirely into the paranormal, walk a dark path through satanism, I am a practicing wiccan (Cause someone here told me I need to direct my energy in a more positive manner, as many around me normally get hurt), I've studied the paranormal since I was little through books and documentaries.
No-one here can really say what is going on with your daughter but as you are already on the medical route I can't see that it would harm to go see your church (as you have said you are a Christian). Despite the skeptics here who have experienced nothing there are things "out there" and some do mean harm but not all.
If you faith is strong then why not test it? you do not have to travel the other routes unless you wish to.

I do hope this is sorted out for you it must tear you to pieces, so good luck and keep us posted please. Smile
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!
Before you begin to consider any "out of this world" explanations and remedies, you need to be 1000% that the problem is not mental or physical in origin. I'd get multiple opinions from several mental health professionals before looking anywhere else.

- Prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a scourge for Satan. ~ John Bunyan
What you and others have seen...have you tried, or can you explain what you've seen? Not everything is paranormal but if you get rid of all other explanations, what's left?
OddOccurance makes some good points. She is seeing different doctors but they are not helping? What she's going through now "could" be explained by normal things, but given her troubles really started when she was younger gives it a whole other twist.
I would suggest keep up with the medical side but as OddOccurance says...seeing a priest could also be helpful, and it shouldn't matter if you are practicing religious people. If a good priest knows what he or she is doing then they should either get a response or not, which would be a good thing.

Good luck.

Define a good priest? How do you tell? One that hasn't molested children? One that isn't looking for a movie or television spot? One that says they can help you .... but you must believe? What type questions should you be able to ask to find a good one?
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
(06-02-2014, 09:49 AM)UglyNRude Wrote: Define a good priest? How do you tell? One that hasn't molested children? One that isn't looking for a movie or television spot? One that says they can help you .... but you must believe? What type questions should you be able to ask to find a good one?

Word and suggestion does not require that of what one may or may not have done, a priest who is soiled may be soiled; yet his knowledge of certain aspects may still presume to be accurate and viable.

Questions such as ways to blessing the house, even just the room in which she resides in as the topic creator told us that ever since she was in a certain room for a period of time she started seeing this "black dog" despite them moving, it is a possibility a spirit has latched onto her daughter and therefore may either be latched onto her or still visiting her.

If the child is not baptized, which she probably is; but if not, that child is considered "Unblessed". Which you can assume or draw something up from that, but in some cases by reblessing a child it fortifies that of the old blessing. A priest may assist with that.

Yet all and all, like I've said; I only know as much as I'm given.
I don't know the child's medical history, yet many years this has been going on; which makes me question entirely.

What have the doctors defined is as medically?
Can the man and the dog stand as a metaphor? As many children will take stories and traumatic events; blend them and then due to the mental anxiety, depression, and more. Leads them to future issues, as other issues weren't dealt with when they should of been.

I don't mean to demean the topic creator's view point, story, yet she sounds like a one sided parent who in distress will turn to others to.

Here's a whole other view point, due to the fact for 9 years she seemed to dismiss the fact that her daughter said "I've been having dreams, seeing things, hearing things, etc."

Let's say the doctor has no explanation.
Daughter could be psychic, she hears, sees things and due to sensitivity of the very energy she radiates. Things stick onto her, possess her; because she has no real control. Many psychics have demonstrated the ability to draw in the energy of malevolent and benevolent spirits; it's all based off will power of the mind.

Let's say, your daughter is 14 now. Taking various points and obvious depictions of the present and how 14 year olds are in this day and age. Hormones are kicking in, nobody understands her, she's depressed, possibly bi-polar (yet we can assume not, as it's been 9 years and a doctor hasn't said "Hey your daughter is bipolar", as those who have untreated Bipolar disorder are prone to reckless endangerment of themselves and those around them. Their train of thought goes off, leading to an eruption of anger, sorrow, or something more or less like happiness.

Yet remember, the child is 14 years old; her view on life is broadening and she's probably learning more and dabbling into things that parents don't understand. Such as music cultures, befriending those who relate more emotionally; which in case brings more ideas into their mind.

As let's remember, children in this day and age (from a relatively young view) are easily persuaded and naive especially in their younger years. There are bands that will tell a teen to rebel, to throw tantrums; to give their parents who are a sign of authority a hard time.

Which, I'd suggest you examine not just medical, mental, and paranormal aspects of possibilities of things that might be wrong. But also, investigate your daughter as a whole; no parent knows everything about their child. If you believe you do, reflect on when you were a child and how you viewed your own parents. Only about 1% of the population on this planet are born with parents that have an understanding nature, where they can just open up whenever. Never believe yourself that lucky.

Think about it all.
Don't wanna sound rude also.
Just I analyze, and figure everything out systematically.
Knowledge leads to better answers.

Provide me with more.
If you wish that is, or try the above suggestions; no harm no foul in any of them.

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