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The Real Way To Rid Yourself Of An Entity (dark, or otherwise)
I'm not sure what's in Flying Devil powder, but it gets its name from a saying, 'makes your devils fly', as in leave. Goofer Dust is made from 'sinister' ingredients like graveyard dirt, cayenne pepper, crushed snails, sulphur, etc. and is used to banish violently.
Learn something new every day. So you've actually used this personally and it works? I really thought you were making a joke, the names are just too funny.
I've used something similar to Goofer dust to banish mice, never used FD powder, only because I don't know the ingredients.

Goofer dust gets it's name from an old African word, 'kufwa'. The americans had trouble learning the African langauge, plus they just didn't care enough to make a serious effort to learn it. So they said 'goofer' instead, a funny twang on a word that meant 'to kill'. Goofer dust literally means Killing dust, which is a bit more intimidating.
Explain please. So you just threw some Goofer dust around some mice, said some words, and they just left? Never to return?
I mean real mice not ghost mice.
No, I sprinkled it on doorways and windows and in places we often saw mice. They gradually disappeared, being completely gone after a few weeks. Then I cleaned it up before it affected us humans too much.

A psalm often accompanies the sprinkling, but as a pagan I overlooked that.

Goofer dust is actually used in curses instead of normal banishings, so the affect would have been whatever mousy nightmares are made of. The end result being they all died or left. The same would theoretically happen if I used it on a human.
When are you allowed, or it's ok to curse another human without the rule of 3 getting back at you?
I don't believe in the law of 3 or karma. I think it's up to mortals like us to punish and carry out retribution.

However, I do believe in the Northern concept of "Orlog" whuch is essentially whatever you do is more likely to happen to you and will also be more likely to happen to children. So if you curse someone, you're more likely to be cursed and so is your son. If you give lots of hugs, lots of people will want to hug you and your son. If you pick up lots of pennies, your son will pick up pennies.

By this logic it may be better to curse sparingly.
Well, has anyone laid a heavy curse on you personally that you had to do and eye for and eye sorta thing?
No one has ever cursed me that I know of. I don't mingle much with the occult crowd and people who are involved with that sort of thing are few and far between around here, so I don't often get the chance to tick off someone capable of cursing me. I also rarely curse myself, simply because I can't hold a grudge long enough to cast one.

That doesn't mean I haven't gotten back at people, however. I find fights and pranks fun.
Don't we all at times. So, being a solitary pagan, do you still get together the 4 times a year for your holidays?

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