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Does anyone else have a close connection with their orbs?
I usually would say all orbs are dust, but I lend some credibility (not saying that I outright believe it) to this story because the orb seems to interact.
The OP is under the assumption they interact with them. Video showing otherwise would give some credibility to the claim, even then insects are usually the anomaly.

My stance is; 99.99% of orbs caught with "flash photography" are of moisture or particulate matter as explained above.

Then there are "light anomalies" (commonly mistakenly referred to as orbs) that are self luminous, can be seen with the naked eye, move extremely fast with non insect like flight characteristics.
Yikes!!another touchy thread,just keep us posted on your travelles,& any other info you might have,good thread thank-you for shareing.Keep the faith.
So to all you non really believe ALL orbs are dust. moisture, etc.? Really? What about orbs that make right turns, or slow down and speed up, or go one way-stop-and reverse itself? Your so called explanations always make me laugh. you have any family member or friend who passed? Sounds like that's the case...someone from your past staying in touch with you through life. If not, have you ever looked up your home's history, or other places "Sparkles" always is? Though it's obvious it's connected to you it could have had it's beginnings there.

Don't let the non believers take you down. You have your experiences and pictures and even "live" sightings (how do the non believers explain sightings where there are no cameras? Dust in the eye?). Has it ever steered you away from potential danger?

I've had my own experiences but nothing like yours.
Orbs that move in different directions are riding air currents which are also moving in random patterns. ahhhh blind belief runs rampant again
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
What about big orange orbs of the size of my room moving between the trees in the hills, or green static orbs of the size of a melon, just laying there in the ground between the plants?. We can call "anomalies" to everything we don't know, then, almost all what exists in the Universe would be "anomalies", I prefer to see them what they look like, "spheres of light", It's useless trying to explain the unexplainable.
Before judging, go to those hills, see them with your own eyes, and then build your "explanations" if you can. I have lived in those mountains for decades, at night, there are more orbs than animals there, that means that the "anomaly" is not that anomalous, but who goes to hike the mountains at night without moon?, only a few ones.
Classic examples of dust riding air currents. No intelligent movement
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
fldinosaur, please look up the difference between non-believer and skeptic. A skeptic wants to see evidence. A non-believer will not accept any evidence no matter how compelling. The many logical explanations for "orbs" in pictures are why they are not compelling evidence.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Wow, hello everyone! I didn't realize this topic was going to produce so many responses so quickly. I apologize for my late response, I'm a very busy lady trying to get everything in order and ready to go.

To answer some questions, the trip I mentioned is a pretty big boyfriend and I are going to explore the world with just our packs and a few belongs. We leave on June 6th and will be gone for a year. We're planning on visiting every country in Europe except for a few, some of the surrounding ones like Morocco and Turkey, then will be taking the Trans-Siberian Railroad to China and ending in Japan. Whew, I know, a mouthful! But we are very excited, just have a lot to plan for. I certainly hope Sparkles...and maybe even Spike (I like that name Big Grin)...will follow me as I go, and I will certainly be posting pics if they do!

As far as the dust/moisture/particle theory, I have heard this many times and have considered it with thorough thought (that's why I joked about having a gift for calling on dust, wink wink). I'm not really interested in changing anyone's opinions on the subject, and I respect people who think it is easily explained away. But I don't necessarily agree. To me, dust/dirt "orbs" look much different than what Sparkles looks like; they are usually brownish or very see-through, and as GideonRush said, there's a BUNCH of them in the picture. I also have some pictures I took in the day time or with no flash on, though admittedly less, like the one with the green foliage background in my post. And I think what really took the cake for me is that, as I said, I can't get him to show up when certain people are around. In theory, if it were just dust, it wouldn't matter who was around and he would show up, correct? And I will be sure to ask my mother when I visit this weekend if she still has the old giant file of my orb pictures and possibly the video I took. Maybe tonight I'll even set up my camera in the living room for a few hours and see if I can "catch" anything. Tongue

All that said, I'm pretty strong in my belief, but that's probably because I have been having this experience since a very young age. Sometimes I wonder if Sparkles is just an energy manifestation of myself, showing up in pictures. It's hard not to have a strong relationship with something that my friends and I used to play games with as children, and for that reason among others I will probably never believe in the dust theory. Sparkles is a part of my childhood and will always be an amazing interesting experience for me, whether "he" is just amazingly-well-timed lint particle or skin flakes falling in front of my camera lense. I see no harm in that!

To Itheblze - I have actually never had dreams of him that I can remember. Is that something common with orbs? And yes, for some reason ever since I was little I always referred to it as him...but I suppose it could also be a female! I'm not sure if it even actually has a gender haha.

To fldinosaur - when I started catching Sparkles, I'd only lost my aunt and grandmother, and I wasn't truly close with either of them. I've caught pictures in so many different areas that it would be hard to say it's connected to a particular home, though the house I grew up in (where I got the first picture) had a very friendly (to me anyway) ghost that would constantly make her presence known to me, so it's possible that her energy could've carried with me after I moved. And no, I can't say that Sparkles has ever steered me away from any danger, but over the last few years (after I stopped "playing" with him), he seems to force his way in when I am in times of distress or times like now when I am extremely emotional charged and somewhat stressed. I'd like to believe he does it just to show that he's still around and everything is going to be alright, and whether he's real or not, I've been believing that for so long that it's become a very comforting thing for me.

And to nawal - WOW! Your orb sightings sound amazing, I would absolutely love to know where that forest is so I can visit it some day. But who knows, they might be shy to a newcomer. Wink

Anyways, thanks to everyone for the kind words and thanks to the skeptics for the extra information. I am going to look into ways to reduce the "white spots" while taking flash pictures and see if I don't see anything, though I have gotten pictures on both my mother's and my DSLR camera. I will also be attending my sister's wedding in my hometown this weekend, which happens to be at the house where I grew up and had my first experiences, so we'll see if anything happens there. I'll also check with my dad to see if the file of pictures on HIS computer is still there...I'm telling you guys, I had a special folder named "Sparkles" on each parents computer and they were my most prized possession. I hope I can get it and take it home with me on my external hard drive to share with you all!

Can't wait to talk more with all of you, share some more of my pictures, and hopefully hear from someone else with a similar experience. Maybe because I was so young, I was able to figure out a way to communicate with them that others hadn't really thought of...a simple game of hide and seek. Even if you don't believe that these pictures are of something unexplainable, I'm guessing it's still interesting to read. So thanks to everyone again for reading my long post! Big Grin
This time you are going to a big adventure in the East, sounds like a dream. My forest is in Córdoba, Argentina, in a town named San Marcos Sierras. If you go you can host or camp at my place for cheap, we receive tourists and adventurers from all around the world. Just walk 15 min from there, and you will see more stars, orbs and magical things than ever. Also at my place there are some wild-paranormal curiosities, like invisible animals warbling, or shadow animals running among the plants. (No human ghosts, just natural paranormal wild life)

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