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Djinn, hat man, tricks of mind?
A lot of these types of photos or claims, in readings or experiences do fall under the trickery of the mind. The way we look at things animated or not we like to "humanize" them. It is like looking into the clouds being able to find shapes of animals, machinery, food etc... When I hear about people finding "Jesus" in grilled cheese I laugh.

I have countless times seen "human" features in many objects because I like to think that is what it looks like"its my own perspective". It is the brain pulling a nutty on us. But that is just my view point in it. If someone see's Uncle Sam in a reflection or in the bathroom mirror I would view it as something in the brain was triggered to make someone feel or believe that they saw a relative when it could have simple been what i would call a brain fart. It can happen easily when an individual is under stress.


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