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Protection ??
Hi guys I was wondering if anyone could help me. I was just wondering if there was any type of cyrstal/gemstone that protects people against evil spirits? I've always been interested in ghost hunts etc and just wondered if there is anything that would offer some peace of mind that someone isn't going to attac to me and follow me home? If I'm being silly please tell me I'd just like to know (: Thanks
Any type of protection will work if you believe. Hell you could be protected by dog biscuits if you believed they would protect you.

The other side is using critical thinking to realize nothing will follow you or hurt you.

I do not believe so once again i challenge evil to attack me. I have done this before and i am fine. I do not believe i can be harmed.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
There are many different crystals that are said to be good for protection. Hematite is said to absorb and disperse negative energy. Clear quartz is said to turn negative energy into positive energy. Black tourmaline, tigers eye, howlite and amethyst are said to offer protection against negative energy. More specifically, tigers eye and howlite are said to offer protection from ghosts and evil spirits. There are so many others. I suggest going to a crystal/rock shop and see what you are drawn to. State your intentions in your mind and you should be drawn to exactly what you need.

If you want to carry the crystals with you then I suggest going to a bead shop and choose what you are drawn to. If you have never made a beaded bracelet or necklace before, some bead shops will help you make them. That way you don't have to purchase the tools and stringing supplies necessary, you just pay for the beads and findings. Plus wearing the crystals as a bracelet or necklace is easier than carrying them around in your pocket or a medicine pouch. Crystals will work if you believe that they will.
Hmm... this is a topic than can be viewed from a multitude of angles.

Entities and spirits(not all) are just like people since that is what alot of them used to be, some of them are quite mischievous and sadistic and get an actual thrill on terrifying those whom still have physical bodies, in addition to what UglyNRude stated, if you are stern and not fearful in the least those entities will not even bother since you are not giving them the reaction which satisfies or amuses them.

If some of them persist though despite your assertive attitude and still continue to terrorize you then as Elusia said you can utilize certain crystals rocks and enchanted items to help repel and keep them away.

However it is more difficult to do anything in the instances where people attempt to and end up inviting those very low-level and rotten spirits into their environment and households, those things can be dealt with of course but it would be quite the "battle" since you gave them "grounds" in the first place to be in your premise.

In the absolute WORST case scenarios, from what I've observed, where one is completely powerless and defenseless to do anything, is when people owe a "spiritual debt" from certain bad things they've done in this life(or from a another) and the creditor-entity comes to collect payment and take his/her life which usually cannot be avoided at all, unless one is able to have someone from a very high-level whom has the celestial authority to absolve that person's debt or re-negotiate it where the person can still pay for it but with a more "benevolent" solution or outcome, and that is something that just can't be casually done for anyone.
Get a bottle of Florida water (a sort of cologne) and annoint your wrists and neck.
A lot of good suggestions were made here,

I just want to also recommend the Amethyst to you, as they are good for general protection, cleansing your aura, protecting yourself spiritually and for getting more in tune with the spiritual realm. I keep one in my car and carry one for any "spiritual adventure". They are mostly known for their protective purposes.

According to the crystal bible, a Turquoise crystal is also great for getting in touch with and being more aware of the spiritual realm around you, so I would recommend bringing one of those as well to aid you in your search.

Good luck and be safe!

Sage helps cleanse negativity, I know it's not a gemstone, but it could help put you at ease. As well, natural light and fresh air helps send unwanted guests away, especially if you make it clear to them they are not wanted in or around your house. You can make protective charms fairly easily using sage, clove, basil, bay leaves, and black pepper. I don't know much about gemstones, I work more with herbs and plants. Hope it's helpful.

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