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Light anomaly after request to be touched
(01-01-2019, 09:53 PM)UglyNRude Wrote: Dust..... try slapping your bed and watch all the activity.

random emf spikes.

Well, I read the EMF article and cannot debunk the latest EMF readings.   In a hallway that never gets any mG...not even a 0.1, the other night in a very specific spot it was climbing from 0 to over 20 and would drop as I pulled away from one spot.   I tried it again the next day, same thing.  Mind you, this is a hallway right at the wall and all that is there is a closet.  The light switches are all on the opposite wall, there is a fridge on the other side of this wall but even right at the fridge i was getting baseline.  

So, I tested it again today expecting it to be the same as whatever was or wasnt in the wall hadn't changed.  Well....I was wrong.  I was getting 0.0 and maybe a 0.1 mG no matter how high, low, in, out I moved the Mel Meter.  I am going to try later in the evening to see if it comes back but whatever, "It" was, it's not there now.
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