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good price for 1939 ouija board?
I enjoy Ouija boards (clearly my name would suggest that) I was browsing ebay like I do every few months and found this Ouija Board see link below. I own 2 boards that are pre 1960 and find they work the best I paid close to $50 for each of them(one off ebay and one from a thrift store who seemed so happy I took it off their hands) I have been wanting an older board but the early 1900's are out of my price range for now and I found this 1939 and was wondering what everyone thought it was worth or what you would pay. The seller has it listed for $225 OBO I find some ebay sellers will overprice things and accept low ball offers and others will auto decline anything less then 75% of their asking price. Also I have to agree with the seller the Planchette appears to be in great condition
here is the link
1939 ouija board


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good price for 1939 ouija board? - by ouijalover123 - 11-14-2017, 01:15 PM

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