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Lord of the Rings - Mika - 03-12-2019

[url=]Why the Tolkien Universe is a Christian One[/url]

I had always heard that CS Lewis and JR Tolkien had written competing trilogies about Christianity... the Chronicles of Narnia was to be thinly veiled and Lord of the Rings more subtle... but it's fun to see some of this stuff broken down.

And, really... Moriah?  Endor?  If you didn’t realize Lord of the Rings was a Christian book, you need to revisit yr old testament.  Or not.  You could always just enjoy the read


RE: Lord of the Rings - Darkforeboding - 03-17-2019

Tolkien's recurring theme is that God (Illuvator as he is named in Tolkien mythology) is able to manipulate all of his creation by using the small to confound the powerful. Sauron creates a ring which gives the wearer immense power and corrupts them so that they're unable to resist it. Illuvator sets up the destruction of the ring by raising up Hobbits, who prefer simple lives to wielding power.

Other incidents in both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy echoed KJV Old Testament miracles, such as accounts in the books I & II Kings where armies attacking Israel suddenly abandoning the siege of Jerusalem because they believed they were being attacked by an outside army. Think of the scene in Lord of the Rings where Frodo was captured, but his captors got into a fight and killed each other except a small handful that were then killed by Sam.

RE: Lord of the Rings - KaelisRa - 04-05-2019

I agree, and it is super interesting to see all the references! However, isn't Endor the Ewok planet from Star Wars?

RE: Lord of the Rings - Darkforeboding - 04-05-2019

Endor was also a city in Canaan. The witch consulted by King Saul in I Samuel was from Endor.

RE: Lord of the Rings - Mika - 04-06-2019

Star Wars… a series of movies where the hero draws his power from a ‘force’ that permeates everything in the universe?  And, in order to use that power, he has to take a leap of faith and surrender to it?

#Blindfold scene with the laser sword on that Millennial Falcon ship.

I’m not conversant in Sci-Fi but I had a girlfriend who was.  Dark Vader is a fallen angel, Yoda is a monk off in some remote Buddhist monastery where he helps Luke find enlightenment and Indiana Jones is the non-believer who comes to believe.  And, don’t quote me, but I believe Grandma Tarkin referred to the Jedi as a religion.

These movies are totally faith based.  The idea that they might turn to the Quran or the Bible or the Bhagavad Gita for inspiration isn’t far-fetched.  I’m not saying they have an agenda like JR Tolkien but… yeah, like DFB said, Endor is a biblically referenced city.

Oh, I almost forgot my main point.  Endor is the planet where the little furry guys lived...  Blueud