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Riel House - mysterious capture on Google maps - angelaura - 05-21-2015

This is my 2nd attempt at this. I spent nearly an hour and a half on this, only to have the page not respond and was forced to close it. It wouldn't even let me copy all that I typed.Frown

A brief history:
In order to understand Riel House, you need to understand Louis Riel.

Louis Riel was a Canadian politician who fought for the rights and freedom of the Metis, and founded Manitoba. He led the Red River rebellion. Then was forced to flee to the States, after the execution of a protestor, Thomas Scott. He came back to represent the Metis, this time in, what is now Saskatchewan. This demonstration turned into The North West Rebellion when the military was called in. He was arrested, charged with treason and hanged in 1885. He was revered as a hero and is known as Father of Manitoba, Father of Confederation and, depending on who you talk to, a traitor. The effects of his execution is still going on to this day with the dispute between Quebec and the rest of the Canada, due to his heavy influence on the francophone community.

He didn't actually grow up in Riel House, but the house was owned by his mother, Julie Riel, in 1865. After Louis Riel was executed, he was placed in the living room for a few days. (You know, because nothing beats the fresh scent of rotting corps.) In may, 1886, Louis Riel's wife, Marguerite, died prematurely in the house. The house stayed in the Riel family until 1968 or 1969. Then it was turned over to the Historical Society and Parks Canada, where they restored the house to it's 1886 condition.

At the time when Google maps was doing it's rounds here, the house was still operation. You can go right onto the lot, up to the house and take a looksee right inside the house, all the way through. There was never any public access to the upstairs due to structural issues. The house has been known to have a resident spirit of one of the Riels who died there. You can see that they would have reenactments, staff dressed in period costumes would go about activities and chores that the Riels would have been doing back in the 1880's. I used to live close by there, and our school would take us on a field trip to the Riel house when they were having one of their events. Or you could just drop by for free and look around. Then they started requiring a fee. And then during the recession, funding was drastically reduced to Parks Canada and Riel House was forced to close.

I was exploring the grounds on Google maps and as I was panning along the front of the house I noticed a light coming from one of the windows that isn't there in any of the other spots I moved to. It's just that one spot. When I went inside, I noticed that the bedrooms were open but blocked, so the public can't go inside. It's during the day, it's bright inside, so there shouldn't be any reason for an oil lamp to be lit, and that's what it looks like.


It's bottom right window where you see the oil lamp in that one frame.


RE: Riel House - mysterious capture on Google maps - UglyNRude - 05-22-2015

If you google riel house and images you can find other pictures where it looks like a glow from that window.

RE: Riel House - mysterious capture on Google maps - UglyNRude - 05-22-2015

Second picture in the page

RE: Riel House - mysterious capture on Google maps - angelaura - 05-22-2015

Now see that's still odd because the light is on in a different spot. It's not like people can just go in there and move stuff around. None of the other oil lamps are lit in the house due to fire risks. Even in Junior High, when I lived in the area, others in my class and the people who worked there said they would see movement in the bedrooms, and other things they couldn't explain.
Anyways, I'm calling 311. It's been a couple years since the place was closed. Maybe it's open now and I didn't hear about it. I'm hoping it is open because then I can go down there and investigate.

RE: Riel House - mysterious capture on Google maps - angelaura - 05-22-2015

Took long enough to get through to someone with 311, only to be told to seek out Parks Canada.

Okay, so it seems to be open again. There is a very low fee to get in. Me and my daughter could go there for under $6. Perfect. I can, then, talk to the tour guides and other staff about this light being on and other things.