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Full Version: I almost died
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Last nite when i was sleeping(i sleep wit the blanket on my face) the blanket got stuck into my mouth. I couln't breathe, screame, the blanket just wasn't out. after sometime i was feeling elevated, every thing was a dull shade of aquamarine. Then suddenly i found the knot around my neck. it seemed to take an eternity to open the knot and the cloth seemed very heavy. My heart was beating faster than ever and there was blood in my mouth. when the knot finally opened i breated in a lot of air in and after sometime i spat out the blood, and little by little everything became normal.
Wow! Glad you are ok!
went to the doctor today . he said i am fine completely and told to not be worrying about it.
The strangest things can happen when we are sleeping. I too, am glad you're okay. I know it probably felt very much at the time that you were going to die. I'm glad to hear you went and checked with the doctor too...just to be safe.
I too sleep with the blanket over my head...lets hope I'm not as unlucky.

Glad you're ok, keep well
Blanket over your head? That's a new one. Do you know why?
Sounds like a spirit was trying to kill you. You've slept like that many times before and nothing like that has happen, right?
Amen that you're ok phew.You just never know what's going to happen when you fall asleep.You're very wise for going to see your Doctor.Keep the faith,& good luck,also say a prayer before going to sleep.This may help,just my thoughts.