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Full Version: Why Am I Still Here? What's So Special About Me That Could Help People Or Something?
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This dosin't really relate to this forum topic, but....
O.K, I don't have a story because even if I did have a out of body experience or something, I wouldn't remember because I was a infant.
I almost died twice when I was a baby. I was born two mouths pre mature weighing 3 pounds ten ounces. My lungs were under developed, so I was in the hospital many weeks. Then I got RSV which is a respitory infection that can be fattle to babies, ESPECIALLY premature babies. It seemed like it was all planned out to me, lol. I would lose consiousness because I was unable to breath after my parents took me home. Then, when they finally brought me home, whenever they tried to feed me I would power vomit it up. This went on for over a week. My mom tried so many different kinds of baby foods, but nothing changed. Then they found out I was lacktose intolerant. Thats why I was vomiting.
My question is, why am I still alive. My immune system is always been low, so I get really sick whenever i get the flu or a cold, I have bad sinus infections a lot, im underweight, overall, I don't seem that healthy.
You know , you never really know , but something or someone does... So knowing that you ARE here for something menas its most likely positive and you should go out and do something positive in return..


btw I have had 3 bout dead experiences so I know what you mean.. Im pushing 40 and nothing yet has come to tell me what it is, and even though I can be a shmo, I try and be always positive and push it forward.
Yes you made it that's the main thing, and keep going forward and think of something in your life that has made you happy. Your in control of your thought's and emotion's. Because the way i look at it your meant to be here.
You are here for the same reason we are ALL still here....we've unfinished business in this realm.

I almost died back in 2004...and I remember my NDE vividly. And despite NOT being happy to be back here, I did come away from my NDE with the knowledge that I HAVE to be here. My purpose/purposes for being here have not been fulfilled yet.

As for why you had to suffer so much as an infant, and still have poor health guess is that that happened to turn you INWARD, to seek spiritual things not of the earthly, physical realm. I mean, you are here on a paranormal board, aren't you? Physical challanges/sickness turn us inward to seek and understand things not physical....things beyond our physical senses...things beyond physical pain and sickness.
I agree with all above, we all have purpose. You never know, there may come a time when you have an infant in your life that is not well, and you can incourage the parents as you have been there. I was also sickly as a child and very underweight, but as i grew older i got healthier and am able to understand others that are in need.

Nothing can take away life experience. You know it first hand, so you can help others with your knowledge. You see, you are trully blessed and are a very special person. So, when you tell someone that you understand, you trully do, and that is a gift given to you.

My life has been full of up and downs, and some terrible things have happened to me. Now at 51 i am helping so many people because i trully understand where they are coming from.

You will see as you age that you are chock full of gifts, and you will very likely be very intuitive with others. Keep all of this in mind, as there are no mistakes made. You are who you are supposed to be.

I can sence that you have a lot to offer the world and its people. You also have a keen sence with animals, they can feel your sweet heart.

Take care of yourself first, as you are needed and wanted in this world. Dont ever give up or give in.
I am curious to know why you are contemplating this? More so then why you are still around.
You depressed wishing you were dead or something? Just curious...
You have your entire life to learn what is special about who you are. No one can tell you.

You're here because your meant to be.

Don't question it. Just accept it. Life is difficult for all of us in different ways. You can only accept what is given to you and make the most of your life.
Wow Haley, you are a miracle! That's pretty special in it's own right.

I was about your age when I started contemplating my purpose in life. I'm a grandmother now and still haven't got it figured out...

I have been given an epiphany however...that when I live just one perfect day, that I will have learned enough in this life to move on.
Haley i agree with all of the above... and believe me just because you were a premie means nothing 'bad'....

My oldest son was born 2 1/2 months early (so two weeks earlier than u) he weighed 4pds 1oz, his lungs too weren't ready for air (they are developed, cause that was a question i asked it's just their not ready for air)... but since i was in labour for 5 days with him i was able to get steroid shots into my hips which puts a powder residue into his lungs so when he was born the air would flow in smoothly.( the ob descibed it like this... think of a preemies lungs like a latex glove without the white powdery stuff on the inside, kind of hard to put your hand in right? Well a preemies lungs is like that, like that latex glove with no white powder on the inside)...... so your not alone in the preemie department. He's now 6 1/2yrs old.

My youngest son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, at 20 months old... he was in a diabetic coma (his sugar level was 84, when his norm should be between 6-12), they were doing blood work on him every 30 mins, they had to scan his brain (for possible brain damage)which test results came back nothing wrong, thank goodness, he had kidney failure.... he's now 3 1/2yrs old and kidney's are 100% recovered and he's doing excellent... they said if i hadn't taken him i would have woken up to a dead baby...

So please your not alone when it comes to life threatning situations..... Even i've experienced my own. So live life to the fullest, enjoy yourself. Do what you want to do, we only live once. But, always remember be smart with your choices. Always think things out before jumping in, no matter what others may think, cause honestly in the end you'll be the one laughing and not them.
I can just tell you are a wonderful person with so much to give... There have been so many good points maid here, one that is turned you inward spiritually. I really like that and think that is a good point. Life is funny I'm only 39, I look back and believe me every single person has ask there selves that exact same question one time or another. Adversity builds character, every step of the way. We all have our story's there like a big book. Peoples books are filled with all kinds of adventure, love, sadness, loss, death, life, and the list goes on.
I almost died once and I literally felt a hand grab me by the scruff of my neck like a momma dog does a baby dog. I was going through that dark hole, and it grabbed me by the back of my neck and yanked me back into this world... So yes mam you have a reason for sure! Now go out and live that precious life you have been given, you will do and see so many things in your book. Keep on filling those pages my friend... Lots of love Mel
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