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Full Version: The Crystal - Moldavite (The stone from outer space)
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We went to a rock and gem show today....and my husband experienced his first "moldavite rush". I had bought him a moldavite pendant months ago...and really didn't think about telling him to take it off before entering the show. He got near a case of other moldavites...lost his balance...screamed out a cuss word and then regained his balance. He said he almost blacked out. It didn't get better after that either. He started sweating and got dizzy. Finally we had to leave as he could not handle the energy of the crystals around him.

So finally I am going to write a thread about Moldavite (picture below)

I will say that I am still learning about this fascinating I am only touching on the basics here.

[Image: moldavite-metatron0.jpg]

I am first going to start this by saying that there are many that believe that moldavite, rather than emerald, is the fabled stone of the Holy Grail.
Myth states that this stone fell from the heavens during a war between the angels.

Moldavite is a subcategory of a group of stones known as tekites. However unlike other tekites, which are glossy brown or black, moldavite is dark green and is transparent. Moldavite is mostly found in Czechoslovakia and is scientifically believed to be a meteorite that fell to the earth about 14.8 billion years ago. "Formed when a giant meteorite struck the Earth. The heat of impact metamorphosed surrouding rocks, creating a "strew field" by flinging the resulting crystals over a vast area. Moldavite is therefore a fusion of extraterrestrial energies with mother Earth" (Pg. 187, The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall).

Spiritually it is considered one of the most powerful stones in existence. Some people believe that Moldavite helps you communicate with extraterrestrial beings or as some have come to believe...their spiritual guides or angels. It promotes change as you become more aware of your higher self. Because the change can happen so quickly it is good to use a "grounding stone" while handling Moldavite. Moldavite aides you in finding your true self, finding your hidden fears and traumas. It can enhance pyschic and other spiritual gifts. Change happens as you realize what truly is or is not part of who you are. Do not be suprised at changing relationships as you come into communication with this stone. Below you will find links that will give you more in depth qualties of this out of the world stone.

One important thing to address here...before handling a moldavite...let me warn you about a "moldavite rush". I had warned my husband of this months ago. He had forgotten and was hit head on with it today as the moldavite around his neck began to speak with the other crystals in the room. Basically in a "moldavite rush" this "rush" can happen with other stones....but very powerful when combined. Heat rushes through your body as you are spiritually awakened. The shift can leave you feeling very out of sorts.

Here are a couple of interesting links:

****By the way....this stone "found me" in a gift shop about a year ago. I was on vacation and felt drawn to this display of Moldavite pendants. I couldn't leave the store without buying one. I got back to the beach house and googled this strange meteorite and was very surprised as to what I found. The next morning the beach was covered with natural ocean crystals and I collected over 60. My collection of crystals began that did my journey with God and the crystals. At the beginning of the week God told me the week would be about rocks.....spiritually I didn't know what was coming...but it was a big change. This happened about 2 months after be named a warrior. Two days after the moldavite found me...I had a "moldavite rush".

So now I bring this stone to you all.
Excellent post warrior.
ohhhh shiny i want a stone like that. ever since i was a child i was always attracted to stones or anything that is shiny. and thank you for the sites and information. it is so pertty
It only looks that shiny when light shines through it.
Thanks Warrior for sharing this. I truly find this stuff interesting.

Just one question. How do they know how old it is?
Bracket....I knew this would come up. That is why I said it was scientifically thought to be 14.8 million years old. I don't know if it is really that old.
Bracket...I highly suggest this stone to both you and UNR....a much needed stone for any skeptic.
(10-03-2009, 10:01 PM)The Warrior Wrote: [ -> ]Bracket....I knew this would come up. That is why I said it was scientifically thought to be 14.8 million years old. I don't know if it is really that old.
Bracket...I highly suggest this stone to both you and UNR....a much needed stone for any skeptic.

I don't see why you would bring it up if you don't believe it.

I don't know how many times i have to say this, i'm not a skeptic. I just think the supernatural should be the very last explanation for any strange event.

My aunt has one. I don't see anything strange about it. I think your husband acted that way because you told him about it and it stayed in the back of his mind even though he seemingly forgot about it.
I was presenting all of the information about the stone. I don't pick and choose to provide certain information while leaving other information out. Wouldn't that be considered biased as I would only be presenting what goes along with my own beliefs? I presented you with what you will find on just about every website containing information about moldavite. It is still a real stone regarldless of it's age. To me it is a very spiritual stone that I believe to be very are all crystals.

I don't think my husband knew all of those I had only told him about the heat rush. Perhaps the particular moldavite stone your aunt has isn't the one you need. Sorry to say you were a skeptic. Perhaps if you gave crystals a might find their usefulness. Many cultures use stones in healing....seems that you would be willing to look at the possibility of the energy inherent in them.
Interesting gemstone, but buyer beware, its said its one of the rarest gems in the world. There are lots of fake moldavite floating around, people are claiming they now have it from africa and from mexico. Its supposed to be from the czech republic so if you are going to buy some make sure its documented.
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