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Full Version: Tai-chi-tu-ku refers to Taijitu, Tai chi or Yin and yang symbol
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The Tai-chi-tu-ku symbol invented by polish scientist Gregory Podgorniak around year 2005, illustrates - unlike the Taijitu or Yin and yang symbol presenting the dualism of two principles, passive and active - the trichotomy of the three principles of passive, active and neutral. It can also illustrate, for example, the concept of the three gunas: rajas, tamas and sattva of the Samkhya system.

[Image: Tai_chi_tu_ku.gif]
From a philosophical stand-point, the passive-active-neutral idea can be found in a lot of moral systems. They would essentially be acts of omission, commission, and morally neutral scenarios. It's an interesting concept, especially when you think about how most moral systems put acts of commission into dangerous territories. You could essentially fulfill a lot of your moral requirements, simply by being more passive and not committing any actions.