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Full Version: My jade bangle has changed colour
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My sister believes that Chinese jade protects and calms, so she never takes off her green jade bangle. She used to complain of seeing shadow people until she started wearing it. She took me to a Chinatown jade shop in Singapore recently and convinced me that I needed one for myself. The jade bangle I picked wasn't the one recommended by her or the lady in the shop, but it felt comfortable on my arm. It had a pale green and lavender patch. The shop owner cleansed it by running a crystal wand over the rim of a crystal Tibetan singing bowl, making a clear ringing note.

I've worn it several times for a few months now. The other day, I noticed that the colour of the bangle appears to be slightly changed. My sister tells me that it happens when jade is constantly worn, but I haven't really seen it for myself until now. It's interesting how the green has deepened in colour. I've been having a few issues at the workplace during the same period - could it reacting to that somehow and 'activating' its protection? Or it's just the PH balance in my skin? Or something else?
Thanks for the link, UNR.  Icontexto-emoticons-03-032x032 I'll be more careful now in how I store and care for the bangle. I found some handy tips as well for my next jade purchase.
Hey there, Jadeite!

Jade's a pretty cool stone. Other than the physical/chemical properties that could make it change, there are a couple of different philosophies surrounding it.

The first is that, likely, of the person who sold it to you and your friend. Jade is traditionally known as a protector/filter of negativity and bad luck. In that belief, as the colour changes, the protections are been worn out and you must get another jade to replace it. Personally, that belief seems to be more of a cash grab, as jade can be a pricey stone.

Now, the second is that of many martial arts philosophies. My school uses jade as an example that we should follow. Look up "jade pi pendant" and you'll find a flat, circular pendant with a circular hole in the centre. The pendant is supposed to display our philosophy of our style and life. The jade portion is the surface of your life: events, family, relationships, work, etc.
As you've seen, jade will alter colour and details over time. This shows the moving tide of your life. Things can end up looking chaotic and cold, but the pi pendant's centre (the empty circle) is supposed to show what it is like inside your mind. Calm. Empty. Your centre is how you should approach these times of your life.

In that philosophy, the jade is fine. You dont need a new one, and it can only get more beautiful with age. Let is show, and use it as a display of the changing times of life. into protections, and go out to buy another. That system needs an economic boost, after all.
Hi KaelisRa!

Jade is soothing to wear next to the skin. I was told that if the colour green deepens, the jade has 'absorbed' negativity and prevented it from affecting the wearer. The brighter the green, the better it is. But there could be any number of beliefs about this. I was curious about the more prosaic reasons as well. It's a fascinating topic.

I've got a few donut-shaped jade pendants. One of them is from my maternal grandmother. Its Imperial jade, dating back to the Qing Dynasty. G-grandfather was an advisor to a Manchurian official in Pu-yi's court (the last emperor). So they're called "jade pi pendants" - I like the philosophy you shared about keeping centred amid the moving tides of life. It's a good reminder on how we should conduct ourselves. That makes my jade pieces even more meaningful to me now.

I wore my jade bangle today and thought about you said. It gave me a happy smile. If I could afford it, I'd love to get another one!
That's a really cool excerpt from your life. I even got to take in a little bit of history from it. Thank you!

Over last Christmas/New Year's, my girlfriend's parents took us on a cruise to the Caribbean (As we'd never afford a trip ourselves xD). We got to see a bunch of stuff, most of the trip was from what I called a "staging area" to another "staging area". In other words, they set up a tourist location to keep people from going into the the more indigenous portions of towns and such.

Anyways, one of the stores was a jewelery store chain that sold Mayan Jade. I would have LOVED to buy some Mayan jade (supposedly the hardest in the world), but the chain, while legit, didn't seem like they were selling such quality pieces that they could charge what they were asking for them. So, I was a bit sad I couldn't leave the area and find something a bit more "real", so-to-speak.
Mum's family was of the 'scholar' class and very traditional (think feudal). Her father had 2 wives; Mum's the youngest, the 13th child from the Second Wife. This was before WWII. The big house and much of the family's fortune was lost during the Japanese Occupation. But they managed to salvage a few things like my little Imperial jade pi pendant. I might give it to my niece when the time comes, to keep it in the family.

I'd love to go to the Caribbean. It's great you got to go on a cruise. Ooo, Mayan jade? Heard about it, seen pictures of museum pieces, but never actually seen any. I've seen them for sale online; not sure how 'authentic' they would be.

I went to New Zealand some years ago and got a few small pieces of greenstone or pounamu, which is a type of hard, durable nephrite jade. It's found in the South Island and protected under the Treaty of Waitangi, so the local Maori tribe controls the access to it. The jade is a darker green than the emerald green in Chinese jade. The Maori used to make them into tools like chisels, awls , knives, as well as spear points, fish hooks etc. I'm not about to test how tough my pendant is though...