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Full Version: Clinical dead due to total AV heart Block
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Up to time of the event my heart was fine as far and I knew.

Then on a Thursday in 2011 evening I went to bed and fell asleep. Unusual for my best friend who phoned me that night much later than he have ever done before.

I think it was maybe 10 pm or so.

The phone rang next to me I woke up and answered and it was my friend on the other end of the line asking me a question or something.

On awaking my heart began to stop and start and I began to sweat. My friend while still on the phone could hear that something was wrong and said "Alan you don't sound right" I replied by saying, Yes Tony there is something very wrong and I will phone you back later, which turned out to be much later indeed"

I called out for my daughter or my wife to come to my bedside, because I felt I was having a heart attack, because my heart by this time had begun to stop-start-stop-start and I knew I could be "actually dying.

I told my daughter who came into the room first to tell my wife to call the emergency services ambulance. My wife at first thought I might be "Crying wolf" so to speak".

Then by looking at my deathly white sweaty pale face, in addition to me now beginning to go in and out of consciousness, she called the ambulance and the paramedics arrived at our complex in less than ten minutes. Luckily for me the Sunninghill hospital is only a kilometers or so from our complex.

They managed somehow to put me on a stretcher and immediately began to give me emergency life supporting treatment, which I can't remember, because by this time my heart would stop and I would lose consciousness over and over again.

The next thing I remember is being on a resuscitation table, with doctors and nurses working over me, which I found out later was to save my life and get my heart to beat, because by this time my heart had stopped beating completely and I was for all outside purposes was clinically dead.

It took the medical people almost three hours to get my heart to beat correctly again To achieve this, they had to use the shock paddles, injections of atropine and adrenaline directly into my heart to get it to beat enough to give them time to put in a temporary heart pacemaker.

Later the next day, they took out the temporary heart pacemaker and put a permanent one in my chest wall. The pacemaker cost about $6,000 or six thousand dollors and should work for up to ten years before I need another one.

When the doctor, visited me at my bedside later, he said " you were really, really dead" and if you had arrived even 10 minutes later he most likely would not have been able to save me.

The nurses joked around me, telling saying, Shh! this is the old man who was at heaven's door last night etc and ha, ha God sent him back".

I did have a sort of mystical experience, while on the resuscitation table, it seems that each time your heart really stopped your soul leaves your physical body and goes somewhere into the afterlife.

One thing for sure is If you my friend had not phoned me that night, when you did, I would never had woke up and would have died in my sleep.

Also other than some discomfort, I had no fear, even though I knew I was dying, in fact I felt very peaceful, liked being rapped in a warm blanket.

God bless