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Full Version: Strange coma experience
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I have no idea if my coma experience was normal or strange but it was strange to me and probably would of been to anyone. When you think of coma you probably think it feels pretty much same as being asleep. For me it didn't. I was involved in a serious car accident in July 2012 my memory of before the accident ends minutes before the accident. Memories of after are where things get strange. I remember people talking probably nurses saying someone was lucky to be alive they had been in a serious car accident their car had rolled on its roof and been facing oncoming traffic. I wasn't aware they were talking about me. I even could see people round me and my family visiting and thought when I saw my nan that she would be worring because she worried about anything. So I was aware something had happened to me but didn't know what and I knew I couldn't communicate with anyone so didn't try. I just thought I'd find out when I got better. I remember hearing someone say I'd been in a car accident, I thought no I haven't or I'd remember. I then thought back to last time I remembered driving and realised I didn't remember coming off motorway or getting home so thought maybe I had been in an accident.

It was my mums birthday and mine 2 days later I remember nurses saying it was my mums birthday and I knew it was mine in 2 days and nurses mentioned when it was mine. I also remember it being mentioned I was being took to rotherham hospital (local hospital) and I though my mum wouldn't be happy as she hates that hospital.

It's strange to think if you was aware of things going on round you you would think you would be desperate to find out what had happened and talk or move yet I didn't even try. It was like I knew I couldn't and didn't let it bother me. Looking back I'm wondering why it didn't bother me and how I had so much awareness yet wasn't at all scared or bothered. I think I sensed that I would be ok and had got through worst. I did think of my grandad who died almost exactly 10 years to the day and wished to see him tho never did. It was actually the exact day of me being transferred to rotherham that was the 10th anniversary of him dying in that same hospital. I wasn't aware of that until I came round. I'm glad I wasn't conscious that day as it would of been upsetting I can't imagine what it must of been like for my nan and mum who visited me that day.
Hullo Marie, You mention being taken to Rotherham hospital and not being able to move or talk while being able to view and hear I had this same kind of experience after an op. in the Royal Gwent Hospital Newport. I have mentioned in a previous post of being aware of everything happening and actually seeing and recognising people whilst unconscious. I told a nurse that I had heard and seen her being asked out on a date while I was in the service lift being taken back to the ward. She was so shaken as she believed unconscious people were in fact UNCONSCIOUS . We have proved that some, if not all of us transcend this condition.