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Full Version: What about the people who see nothing?
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There really has never been any talk regarding the fact that a vast majority of people who experience NDEs saw nothing? There are religious people who have had NDEs who didn't see anything, and atheists who saw the whole dark tunnel leading to a brilliant white light thing.

Does this mean that in God's eyes, only a select and haphazardly chosen few will find salvation?

If so, does this mean that, contrary to most people's opinions, God is kind of an a-hole about who actually makes it into heaven?

Or does it mean that there is no life after death, and that the NDEs whose claims to have seen the afterlife were nothing more than images stemming from residual brain activity after death?

I'm serious about this, although no one can give me a definitive answer, I suppose...

There are people who say they've been to heaven, to hell, just hovered over their bodies, saw a white light, dead relatives, etc, etc. I think it has to do with what you believe deep down and how you have lived. There are people who say they don't believe in God or heaven and hell or the afterlife in any form. I think some of those people just say that to avoid those kinds of conversations.
Just because we have these meat heads doesn't necessarily mean we have a soul that's going anywhere, now does it?

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Okay, so maybe some of us when we die find the path to the center of the universe, and others of us simply fade to rest and wait.

So, who's got soul? That's probably what life is all about. See you in traffic tomorrow.

Now what I really want to know, is what does the meek have to do with inheriting the Earth? It's such a striking phrase, that means much much more than we are led to believe.

I personally feel the word meek is mistranslated somewhere.

meek (adj.)
c. 1200, "gentle, quiet, unaggressive; benevolent, kind; courteous, humble, unassuming;" of a woman, "modest," from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse mjukr "soft, pliant, gentle," from Proto-Germanic *meukaz (cognates: Gothic muka-modei "humility," Dutch muik "soft"), of uncertain origin, perhaps from PIE *meug- "slippery, slimy." In the Bible, it translates Latin mansuetus from Vulgate (see mansuetude). Sense of "submissive" is from mid-14c.

So if the meek are inheriting the supernatural plane of Earth, then were are the aggressive going? Clearly something isn't right here, as hell is a burning flame of torture and lust and pain, and life, while benevolence and gentleness is peaceful and perhaps left for heaven.

Look up, look down. Where do we go? Into the Sun.

Some people are spirited for a reason.

"Lady it took me my whole life to figure out who I am and I am still not sure who I am" - Driving Miss Daisy
I'm new here, so hi! I think that everyone's experiences are different. All near death experiences are reported by people who were dead for a few minutes at most. I just remember that the bible said it took Jesus 3 days to roll from the grave. Maybe it takes some longer to cross over. Maybe some souls need to sleep before they cross over., maybe they are tired soulsJ...Jesus needed 3 days...he had a tough life! I see souls as light/energy so some vibrate at faster speeds than others. The world is cruel..lots of depression and pain. I can imagine there are souls who need a good rest before crossing over and possibly getting ready for another life, also those souls that need healing. When you are tired here, you sleep to recoup. So what would a soul do that was tired? Sleep, eventually it would wake up when it or God is ready.
I died (heart failure) at 9 yo due to a severe asthma attack. I complained of chest pain all day, my mother ignored it b/c I was always sick as a child. My oldest sibling was concerned and finally she and her husband wrapped me in blankets and sped off too the emergency room. My last memory is being held in my brother in laws arms at the hospital then everything went black. I died, they went to tell my family I died when a doctor gave me a shot of whatever straight to my heart. I was back! I don’t remember coming back either. When I was 4 yo I was stung by a whole beehive, I remember getting stung and running to one of my sisters who was nearby, I’m the youngest of 8. But, I remember nothing after that. In both cases I only remember to a certain point then nothing, not even the days afterward