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Full Version: Learning tarot few questions
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I'm interested in learning to read tarot. I have a tarot deck and also one that I printed off the internet and coloured myself. I have read a bit about them but can never understand what cards mean in readings as there is so many meanings for a card and so much that can change what it means in different positions.

First would the deck I coloured myself work as well as the deck I had brought?

2) what's the best way to learn to read tarot? Like I have some idea what each card means but what about when a card comes up where it doesn't seem to make any sence or be anything to do with what's being asked?

3) this is just me trying to think of ways to learn to read them. Would a reading work if you asked something about the past? Eg a question about a relationship that had gone wrong as if you were still in that relationship and asked what the future held for that relationship? Would it come up with that you would end up splitting up and show the reason?

4) can anyone learn to read tarot or do you need some psychic ability?
I think it's a psychic tool thing. I don't know much about them, myself. I have had a couple of readings done by friends who do, and I must say I'm not convinced by those.

Interesting to read about but how it is used has never really interested, maybe due to the fact I have never met anyone that had a "clue" about how to use the "card" to do or show anything. Maybe I'll meet someone. some day that does know the correct use of them and can teach me somethings that I don't already know.
Some people don't get along with the cards. You need a deck that you get along with, so either search one out or make your own. As far as learning them goes, just mess with them, get to know them, do a reading every morning. Read books on tarot to get the meaning of the cards, but trust your gut before the book.
Don't get on with them at all myself but I think they are used by other psychics just to give them a "start" on using their own intuition, if they are genuine of course!!
You don't need to be psychic at all. The cards are there to give you the message, having a strong intuition is a bonus and comes with time.
O.K. As I really haven't a clue then I'll go with your knowledge Punky, as you seem know what you are talking about. Smile
People who work with divination usually develop a go to type. Sometimes, it's scrying, sometimes it's cards, runes, etc. You just have to see what works for you. If you want to do cards, try a couple different decks before you give up on them. I've heard a lot of people rave about the Thoth deck, but I've always used Rider-Waite. It's the most familiar imagery, and if it ain't broke, I say don't fix it. Others like to go for the fancy oracle cards, etc. Just gravitate towards what speaks to you.

And no, you don't have to be psychic (I honestly doubt anyone who makes that claim). The cards have meanings. You just learn what they are.

You're masterminding it too much! Tarot isn't too too difficult. I'm a psychic and I've found that I have not had to use my gifts more than a couple of times. First step was cleansing my hands and the cards. After I got rid of negative energy it was much easier to get the meaning from the cards and focus more. I have the Morgan Greer set, which is beautifully illustrated, but I've found the Rider Waite set to be more complete in explaining each card's meaning. Anyway, look at each card as you draw it and look up the meaning. You should not expect to get an accurate reading for the first 5-10 times, especially if you are very confused and aren't sure about the different spreads, the card's meaning (after the 4th reading you might pick up a certain card and say "I don't remember this card!"). Just go with the flow, really.

I've come up with my own little ritual. I cleanse my hands' energy, I close my eyes and focus myself completely on the Tarot, and then shuffle the cards seven times. If before the 7th shuffle I feel "ready" to read, I will go ahead with it. Say I'm doing a horseshoe spread with 7 cards, I divide the card stack into 2 piles (just a habit, no real meaning to it) and decide which stack feels right to choose from first. Usually for me it goes 1 2 2 1 2 1 2. From there on when you're interpreting the cards, don't just read the meanings as "Fertility. A visitor. Prosperity in family life" you need to read it as "Fertility, is a woman in your family trying to get pregnant? I see that if she is trying she will soon be successful.... etc.."

Just really go with it if you don't understand it yet. Look at the spreads without taking them too seriously or thinking they're going to determine the future before you are well practiced. It does help to have intuition, but not necessary. You will develop a psychic eye for the cards as time goes on.

Good luck Smile
It's the person, not the cards.
The cards are a tool
How good is the tool/equipment
How good is the operator, performer, etc
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