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Hullo I have just been reading an excerpt from a book by a neurosurgeon of his encounter with the afterlife. Dr Eben Alexander with Ptolemy Tomkins(Piatkus). He is a scientist and former atheist who was struck down with meningitis and fell into a coma for several days. His fellow surgeons declared that there was no brain activity at all during this period. He was adopted as a baby but on tracing his family tree, discovered that he once had a natural sister whom he had never met. He describes vividly an experience which is clearer to him than any other experience in his life. He was surrounded by love and the certain knowledge that he was a spiritual being on a journey. A journey that we are all on. He describes beauty and music and the certainty that he was shown a foresight into his future state. He says he was aware that he had no form he was just experiencing everything in a much more intense fashion and recognised his sister who came to meet him He was aware that time was non existent Everything past present and future was happening now. This is exactly what I was told in an experience I have posted about many months ago. His account has strengthened my belief that my experience was not specific to me. He was aware that this life on earth is, as he says, a hoax. I was told that that the earthly experience was an illusion and that the reality was the future life. His account has reawakened my awareness that the things related to me which sounded so bizarre are very likely to be the Truth. Truth and Love =God. Mathematics is a fundamental truth. God is a mathematician par excellence. What an adventure awaits us. What do you think Nawal and U&R?
If the public were thinking critically and scientifically about his story, and were aware of its problems, the book would be just another fairy tale. But so eager are people to get confirmation of God and heaven that they’ll believe anything, no matter how dubious. Alexander may no longer be practicing as a doctor, but he’s raking it in on the lecture circuit, and his book has made him a millionaire.
Just read this
Thank you for that revelation. I had no idea about this publication prior to the review in the Daily Mail G.B. Reading all the criticisms I stand by my own recognition of events as I too have experienced them. I tentatively ventured a sample of my visitation to test the waters , to see if there was anyone else who had encountered similar happenings. I did not mention that I , an anonymous old lady had been profoundly shaken and then elated by a similar trip when I was in my 30's . An escorted tour of past and future. I certainly am in no way anticipating making my fortune by telling my story. So I repeat my request Has anyone else received a visit from a spiritual being who remained invisible to them although could clearly hear and be heard . Please someone have the courage to come forward to give that message of hope
A few years back, as my friend's Mother was on her death bed from cancer, she kept telling everyone in the room that Aunt Hazel had come from Heaven to take her on home. No one else could see Aunt Hazel but roses could suddenly be smelled throughout the room. She looked up smiling and shinning, then took her last breath. I truly believe in an afterlife, really, this one life can't be all there is. I also believe we are guided and protected by spiritual beings. Think back in your life, how many times you would be dead, but by some miracle you're still here.
Its a miracle we are still here? What about the children who are murdered? Those who die of cancer? Those abducted or just as bad abused by family members? Do they have a spiritual being protecting them? What about the thousands of missing children? Where is their protection? Maybe they did something wrong and deserved to die, maybe tell their parents about your miracles.
A lady I knew 3 yr old only child, a little girl, was ran over and killed. She was a wreck at the funeral, to say the least. Her heart was just broken. She was in church, sitting and crying, asking God why? Why? When suddenly, the room opened up and her little girl was in a cloud with Jesus. Her Daughter told her that its ok, and that she's fine, and she needs to stop grieving and go on with her life. They will be together again one day. The cloud sealed up and disappeared. The lady said it was like a great weight lifted off her and she could smile again. I would call that vision a miracle.
I would call it a delusion, part of the grieving process. Also her mind giving her what she already knew.
Why, of course you would.
We tend to ignore evidence that does not support our theories, emphasizing only that which does. We can also cherry-pick our data. Painting bull’s-eyes around arrows you shot into a door would qualify as selection bias.
Oh Ye of little faith!
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