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Full Version: experiences and questions
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so first the experieces or the questions wont make sense..

the first time i can remember was when i was about 2 1/2 me and my brother were playing in the livingroom in an older house with my moms friend and her kids who were about 4-5 years older than us. we were bouncing a golf ball back and forth and when my brother went to bounce it back it went behind the couch which was right in front of a double paned window that was open so i though it went out the window i jumped trying to catch it and went through which as you know isnt a good thing to do if you dont pay attention well when i jumped i got cut on my wrist from one side to the other down to the bone when my mom come running out she couldnt tell where the blood was coming from they had to wash me off with the hose to find i was bleeding from my wrist. in between the time my mom got outside and all the "fun" started i remember seeing my brother throwing stuff at dogs that were trying to get me. my mom doesnt remember my brother being outside until she was cuz he ran to get her but i swear it happened.
since then there have been multiple times i should have die ranging from alcohol poisoning, car accident, and other things i would like to keep quite. but every time any of these things happened i feel like something isnt right afterward sometimes it lasted for a few weeks. the last time i had internal bleeding in my stomach which is weird cuz the said it was an ulcer but the scans showed what looked like i jagged rip only reason i found out is cause i od'd on ibuprofen, which the dr said was the cause but it ony caused me to throw up, which was black(old blood), when i fell asleep which probly wasnt smart i had a dream of my gramma(who died a lil after my incident at 2) from cancer. i just cant remember what happened but it only happened on the same night i od'd. these are the experiences i am comfortable sharing if you have questions bout them or want more details i will shre anything i can remember.
the questions i have pertain to my and the dogs if it wasnt my brother like my mom says then who was it and why didnt my mom hear or see the dogs trying to get me? also why do/did i get the sense of something wrong or out of place after and during these times. as for the time with the internal bleeding and the od what and why did i dream, if thats what it was, bout my gramma? there are other questions i have but id rather not ask them openly due to the nature of them.

any advice answers or opinions are awesome thnx also i am attaching a pic of the scar on my wrist mind you it has gotten smaller over ther years
Maybe you were woozy from losing blood and kind of imagined it? What does your brother say happened? Does he recall being outside then?
my brother doesnt talk bout that night same as my mom tries to avoid it when i do and its possibe but if so why doesnt my mom or brother talk bout it and try to avoid it ?
(10-15-2014, 03:09 PM)Capn Hitz Wrote: [ -> ]my brother doesnt talk bout that night same as my mom tries to avoid it when i do and its possibe but if so why doesnt my mom or brother talk bout it and try to avoid it ?
Only they can know that. Ask them.
ill try next time i see em