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Full Version: Shadow/nightmare protection.
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Is there anything one could build or find to help ward off nightmares and shadows?
A bowl of water under the bed, a plushie tapir, Blue Water, changing your diet, and avoiding screens.
Research how to get a good night's sleep, and take those steps. Simple things like not eating a lot right before bedtime, and sleeping in the dark help you to get a restful sleep. Lay off coffee and alcohol too.

I'd start there, if I were you.
Black Tourmaline is said to help with night terrors. I can not verify that as I've never had them...
Protect your stomach with a pillow or a plate, so the shadows cannot reach it (That's our aura's weak point). Use Mary' s and Michael Archangel's statues and prays.
I've had success with Goetic seals. You'll want to go with what works in your paradigm. If you're Wiccan, you would probably do a sage smudging.
Thank you all. I will try these an communicate success or failure.
Use what you own faith tells you, that's always the most effective. Do you mind me asking if you have any particular spiritual creed/belief?