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Full Version: Chinese Jade stone
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Recently my girlfriend gave me her jade stone necklace to wear while we were visiting Kyoto, Japan. As we were staying near a temple and she knows I'm sensitive to that kind of stuff and I had just woken up from a dream that woke me suddenly. Anyway after putting it on, I had an overwhelming feeling, I just needed to be away from her, I kept pushing her away and didn't want to give her a look in the eye. My body felt kind on tingly the feels are hard to describe. I thought nothing of it And went to sleep.
Days later in another city, she gave it to me again, the feelings I had before came back and this time I even felt scared of her. I've never felt like that before I took it off and gave it back and said almost instinctively "you need this more then me" I told her how I had just felt, she told me she felt like she was really cold, also the feeling of being watched became quite strong . We both felt unsafe. I remembered then how I felt the first time she had given to me and joined the dots.

Once she's wearing the jade everything settles down. Although on occasions I feel that way maybe for 5 seconds just when we are close to each other.
My girlfriend did some research and remembered she was told never to give her Jade to any one. It had been passed down from her grandmother via her mother so it's quite old.

So my question is, what's happening here, is something after her and without the jade it can get close? Or is it the jade acting on me trying to get back to its owner.

I think it's the jade trying to return to her. It's a family heirloom, yes? Then, it's a possibility that the jade is protected by her family's power, thus resisted for being given away to someone else.

There's also a possibility that the energy currently guarding the jade is angered because your girl gave the jade to you while she's been told NOT to give it to anyone else, and now is watching (especially) her so she won't do the same mistake again.

I think it maybe a good idea to find someone who can help her to make up to her fault by gave you the jade, and put the guardian's anger energy to settle down.
I think there'll be time for the jade to pass onto someone else, but certainly not now. When and how, that I don't know.

That's only in my opinion, though...

Hope this can help Smile
I think you should return this gift,although it's a nice gesture & such.Her energy is attached to this,& she was told not to give this to anyone,for obvious reasons.So return it suggest going somewhere to purchase jewelery for one another.Of course something with in price range,& something both of you like & enjoy.And just 1 of the many memories you'll have.Just my thoughts & keep the faith.
Agree with all here she shouldn't have given you her jade and she also needs to appease her grandmother now, maybe by talking to her, explaining and apologizing. Depending upon her faith maybe offerings to her grandmother too...
Hey thanks for the replies. Once I gave the jade back she kept it. I haven't had it on since then.
That's great wishing you both the very best,take care.