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Full Version: Personal Information ~PLEASE READ THIS!~
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Personal Information ~PLEASE READ THIS!~ - Haunted Lady

While friendships on the forum are encouraged, it is vital that everyone posting understand the dangers of giving too much information on an open site. Things such as email addresses and personal information should be reserved for private messages and only after getting to know someone for a while.

Posting on an internet forum is not necessarily just seen by members... guests look at the posts as well. It is prudent that you are careful how much information you share.

Internet predators are a fact of life. While many people are on looking for information or experiences to share, we cannot forget that thousands each year fall victim to those who are looking to do harm.

Young people especially... be so careful who you trust. If you are on line without parental supervision, please be aware that sharing personal information is unwise when you really don't know someone that well.

~ Thanks goes to scarygirl67 for writing this.