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Forum Announcement: Forum Rules And Guidelines
In order for us to keep this forum as sp*m free and family friendly as we can we ask that all members follow these rules and guidelines:

User Name, Email Address and The Use of Proxies

User names MUST NOT include email address, a website, name of an organization, or profanity.

User names MUST NOT be your real full name.

User names should consist of an actual word or words. Names such as 'Prymortia' or 'Uffermorf' may be considered auto-generated spam bots and the account may not be approved. 

All account must be activated by clicking a link that will be sent to your email address. Those who use an invalid email addresses will not be able to activate their account. We reserve the right to remove members using proxies, blacklisted I.P. addresses or incorrect contact information.

Community Behavior

Personal attacks, name calling, flame wars and insulting will not be tolerated. We realize that everyone has different viewpoints and opinions and we welcome our members to share their thoughts and opinions. However, insults, abusive language, threats, gossip or harassment, and foul language will not be tolerated. The use of symbols to circumvent the word filters on the forum will be considered a violation of this policy in regard to foul language. All the stated forum rules include posts in the open forum, messages sent via PM as well as harassing emails sent from Talk Paranormal or affiliated sites.

You should realize that this forum is open to people of all ages, therefore we must keep a family friendly atmosphere. No "adult" oriented language including jokes and innuendos. References to illegal drug use or abuse is as well not acceptable on the forum, whether in posts, PM’s, signatures, smilies or avatars.

The Administrator as well as any Moderators reserve the right to edit or remove any post or profile that violates these rules. Please keep posts on topic in respect to the original poster (OP) of the threads in the open forum. Off topic posts will be removed. In extreme cases of abuse a member may be removed from the forum.

Each person is limited to one account. Please do not create multiple accounts.

Do not post (or ask for) personal information such as phone number, address, or email address in the open forums.

Basically, if you respect other members feelings and opinions this forum will be a great place for all of us.

Respect Copyrights

Do not copy and paste content from other websites unless you have the copyright holders permission. Copyright laws and rights must be respected. If you feel that you would like to share an article that appears on another website it is recommended that you quote a sentence or two, or better yet write a short summary in your own words. It is perfectly acceptable to post a link to the article or story. (Note that links to porn, gambling, hate, warez, or any illegal type of website are not be permitted. Doing so will likely get a member banned from the forum.)

No Hotlinking to Images Without Express Permission

Linking directly to images that are hosted on another website is not permitted unless permission has been granted from said site. (Such as photobucket and Flickr)

Linking To Other Websites, Promotion of Personal Projects and Solicitation of Forum Members

This forum is not here for the sole purpose of promoting your website, book, or other projects, however you are free to put a link to your own website(s) in your signature if you like once you reach 10 posts. Posting only for the purpose of linking to your website or promoting your book or other projects is considered to be spamming. If an Admin or a Moderator feels that you are posting only for the purpose of linking to your website or promoting other projects your link or post may be removed. However, we do have a special section "Show Your Stuff" where members may talk about their websites and projects. The use of Talk Paranormal to solicit goods and services is strictly prohibited. There will be no posting of ads in the open forum to sell items individually as a classified advertisement. Any such posts will be considered spam under these rules and guidelines.

*NOTE: Only "Residents" will have the ability to start a new thread in "Show Your Stuff". A Resident is a member who has made 50 or more posts.

It is fine to post a link to a relevant website in your thread or reply, but do not make threads or replies just for the purpose of posting links. Do not post links to websites that are not related to the subject of discussion. A minimum of ten posts is needed to post an outside link.


You must have a minimum of 25 posts before you can add a link to the signature on your profile. Please do not add a false signature to your posts.

Images in signature must be no taller than 120 and signature is limted to 5 lines.

You may use your signature to link to your own or other interesting website. Maximum limit of three links in your signature.

Affiliate links or redirects are not permitted anywhere so please do not post them or add them to your signature.


If you find a post that violates these rules and guidelines or feel that you want to report the post simply click the "Report" link in lower right corner of the post.


User accounts may not be sold, exchanged or transferred to another individual.

In some cases, where a story or comment is exceptional, a post may be published or referenced to elsewhere on one of our partner websites.

Thank you for reading the rules and guidelines! We truly appreciate each and every member of the Talk Paranormal forum.

If you have questions or comments about these rules feel free to send me a PM.

Rules may be updated at any time
Last updated - January 24, 2018 (CareTaker)

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