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Cemetery Ghost And Trouble With Spirits?
I just received a picture and accompanying story from a visitor who would like to get some opinions and advice (Remember, this is being asked about the situation as much as the picture):

Pam Wrote:My name is Pam, and my daughter Carmyn and her friends visited a local cemetery about 4 mos ago, and "invited" the ghosts to come out. They then took a picture and saw this attached photo. They ran to the car and took another picture...which I will try and find, and they thought that the "ghost " was in it and followed them.

So....just the other day,my daughters aunt is trying to get a psychic reading party together for my daughters 16th bday, and her friends. The psychic, who my sister in law knows, said sure, she would do it. However, today she called and said, "no way". She said when contemplating the party later at her house, she kept feeling like she was being attacked by raging spirits. Said they were surrounding her. She went to two other girls houses who were going to be helping her with the reading, and they confirmed the bad energy. She asked if my daughter and her friends were always getting in trouble. She said she sees these demonic energy's around them and they are headed down bad paths. My sister in law did not take it too seriously and said, come on, please will ya do it? And, the psychic said, "no way, those girls are in trouble with the spirits".

Wanted to share the picture with you and see what your opinion was, and ....what would that psychic mean by all that. Please contact me back, since I am quite a bit concerned, because my daughters behavior has been being very erratic and more violent and compulsive and impulsive lately. Very hateful.. more so than the normal teen, and very hard to deal with . Lots of turmoil.

Thanks.. Pam... below is the picture...

(click to see a larger view)

[Image: SENIORYEARRR412_2-tn.jpg]

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My opinion is I cant make out much at all from the picture it could been almost anything that could have a shine to it.

I do think that when those girls invited the spirits out that they probably ticked something off and now it is attached to them. Hence why the psychic said no and the change in the behavior.
(04-08-2009, 06:53 PM)Shastar Wrote: My opinion is I cant make out much at all from the picture it could been almost anything that could have a shine to it.

I do think that when those girls invited the spirits out that they probably ticked something off and now it is attached to them. Hence why the psychic said no and the change in the behavior.

Thanks for your reply. There was one boy with them, and my daughter and the boy were sitting in theses chairs by a headstone, and they said, "come on out ghosts,..don't be afraid, come on and sit right next to me." ...then someone else snapped the picture....It's very hard to tell, but you can see just a bit of the headstone, and one of the kids feel , and the other image takes covers the rest.
Any other thoughts are appreciated. Thanks
The problem here is that your looking for something paranormal

It looks like so many breath photos presented as paranormal. But it could also simply be natural moisture in the air, a small breeze would collect this moisture and give the same or similar effect to breath, If you look along the edges you can see the round moisture droplets.

When you shoot a picture and their is moisture present it may appear to be further away but is actually close to the camera. The flash will reflect off this much in the same way it will reflect off dust, pollen, fog, breath, and smoke. Digital cameras are supposed to be smart and correct human errors automatically, this said when they are used and capture something not programed into them you get the strange photo.

Now one thing I have noticed is that if people want it to be paranormal then it doesn't matter when presented with what it actually is.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
I'm not real sure if the photo is actually something supernatural or not. I can't make out anything that I'd say looks like spirit or ghost and am inclined to agree with UglyNRude's opinion on the photo.

I will say though, that calling out and inviting anything is not a good idea. I can't say whether or not this is the case with your daughter and friends, their invitation may or may not have been accepted.

I do however believe that by doing what they did they could and I stress the word "could" have called something out. The problem is that most people think seeing a ghost or spirit is "cool". They don't realize that a lot of these entities are evil and can cause a lot of problems.

I don't think anyone could honestly say without a doubt that your daughter and her friends are being plagued by spirits or ghosts. But, it is very possible that something has attached itself to them.

Have the drastic changes in your daughter just taken place since they did this? Do you know if any of the other childrens personalities have changed as well? If they are all acting differently, I'd be more inclined to think that they did bring something out of that graveyard with them.

The best advice that I can offer is to pray and pray hard. Ask God to bind these spirits and send them back to where they belong.
From the way you described everything thats going on I wouldnt doubt at all that there is something paranormal going on in your life. But I couldnt tell anything about the photo. It seems to be really out of focus as if it was being moved when the shot was taken.
There is no doubt the kids were just out having what they thought was harmless fun and then this picture pretty much scared all that fun right out of them.

The instances of true possession, demonic or otherwise are few and far between. This picture may or may not be anything paranormal but generally the thoughts run along the lines of white usually depicts something good - black leans toward evil. This is a white picture so I'm going to say if anything it is a 'good spirit'.

However, the mind is an intricate thing and it really comes down to what the kids think. Do they think they are possessed? That would be a scary thing for an adult, I wouldn't want to be a teenager and go through that.

You can do several things - take my word that the picture is a benevolent spirit and simply ask it to leave, nicely - it actually has to.

Or, you could take the kids to a Catholic priest and ask for an exorcism - they do conduct those. The priest will likely suggest a confession (even if you're not Catholic that can't do any harm) and will bless the kids.

If there is a spirit attached to them it should be sent on its way and this should give the kids the reassurance they need that some positive action was taken. And if there was nothing - no harm was done.

As for the physic shame on her for not having more sense.

I would forget about that picture confirming that the spirit is good as the pic really cannot be verified as being paranormal.

I would say that in my opinion your daughter has gone down the very dangerous road of inviting spirits 'without protection methods' which then leaves yourself open to anything, which has most likely attracted a lingering and very willing demon into her life, just with the simple words she used.

What you need to be focused on now, is to remove this as quickly as possible as the longer you leave it, the more likely your daughter will be drained by this evil, which will become more powerful and things could turn very nasty.

I'm not trying to scare you, but i once had a demon attach itself to me, but i was lucky, my prayer was apparently all that was needed to get rid of this at the time. Your daughter has had this lingering a little too long for comfort. You need to get rid of this by praying and getting the house blessed asap.

I hope this is not a demon, but i really think it is. Haunted has a post called, 'how to get rid of demons' which will accompany the above.

Good luck and let us know how you get on please, so many forget to do this. Smile

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[b]think it has to do with her taking the pictures, ... don't like to be exploited lm guessing,.. the spirit seems to be chasing after the camera.
Signblabla Fame has no place in the paranormal.
Most of the relvant comments have been made. Not much from the pic. As what is going on around her and friends, angry spirits at worse, who can blame them. Perhaaps some type of peace offering, sdvice from one gifted in communicating with the dead for advice on hoow to go about doing it.

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