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The word itself stirs up controversy and maybe fear.
I think these is the biggest religion that is surrounded in fear and misunderstanding. What does a Satanist look like? What images do you have when you see one? Do you think Witches like myself are in fact Devil worshipers? Have you ever read Anton Levey's Satanic Bible?
Do you think these people preform sacrifices or try to steal your soul or salvation? If you knew someone was a Satanist would you allow your children to play with theres? Do you think you could spot one in a crowd? I think some other topics has shed light on some fears and stereotypes and I am wanting everyone to vent here as open and honest as possible on what a Satanist means to them.. Thank you love and peace always GypsyMoon..Icontexto-emoticons-03-032x032
“Protected by Witchcraft"
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I have Satanic friends and most of them look more conservative than most Christians I know. It just goes to show you dont assume what religion people are just by they way the look or how they dress
I have friends that are satanists as well. They've asked me to join but it's just not my thing.
If you believe the phrase.. Do unto other's as they do unto you... Supposedly your of a Satanic mindset. I think they can look like anyone else, unless their in full costume walking down the street.
“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”
― Edgar Allan Poe
I have a friend who's dad is a Satanist, also, a metalhead. He has short dyed purple hair though. Strange for a metalhead. He's cool though. I get stereotyped as a satanist for my hair and the pagan symbols I wear in public, including a Mjolnir Hammer pendant and a pentagram. Guess some people just don't understand Paganism.
I admit that when I was younger I used to think of Satanists as being dark people. I know now after reading into it that this isn't the case- I just believe a few groups of Satanists doing dodgy things over the years have given it a bad name.

I try not to judge but I will be honest with you here: I'm sure most - probably the majority, actually- of Satanists are good people. . . However, a religion that names itself after Satan (who is written about in history as being a deceiver, a liar, a seducer, an evil being) means that people might at times make bad associations with that.

The name of the religion Satanism does lead many of us to think of negative things ...that's probably why it might be misunderstood by some.
One thing about this, is that if we knew for sure there was a hereafter i am talking knew positively,and the existence of a heaven and a hell was the final assignment for our soul's.

And the description of hell was correct ,and the description of heaven was correct.

Who in their right mind would be a Satanist here on earth? So this said....If there would still be evil and bad thing's happening in this physical realm does this mean that some people are just bad?

Or does this mean that people just cannot control their carnal and greedy nature's no matter what the consequences are.
“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”
― Edgar Allan Poe
Depends on the Satanism you are talking about. Theistic Satanists actually look to Satan as a deity where LaVeyan Satanists are about self gratification and see Satan merely as a symbol of what mankind truly feels inside.

As far as what it means to doesn't. It's not my chosen faith or my chosen deity, and I don't care for the "if it feels good, do it" mentality of the ones who follow Anton Lavey's teachings. I believe in forgiving my enemies not attacking nothing about the belief appeals to me.

Would I let my children play with kids whose parents are Satanists? Trust one wants my kids in their house!! ( should see my living room right now...) But yes, as long as they were good parents and provided a safe home and environment..they can worship carrots at midnight by the light of the full moon for all I care.

And I have learned to never judge a book by its I don't have a preconceived notion of what a Satanist is supposed to look like. And the friends I have who are pagan or Wiccan don't recognize Satan as anything period other than something mankind created.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

There really is a difference with branches of Satanism as far as the beliefs go. Athiestic Satanist beliefs are actually not terribly unloving toward others. I'd have an Atheistic Satanist over for coffee. Sure, their kids could play with my kids. I could see myself having a good friend with Atheistic Satanist beliefs...and us having some very deep spiritual conversations even!

There's the Church of Satan as defined by Anton LaVey...again not too terribly off in the loving toward others sector either, but then not very giving toward others either. Yes I have read the Satanic Bible...not really my thing but I can see the attraction. It's about living in service to self, power, money, greed. Alot of doctors, lawyers and businessmen find their niches in the Church of Satan.

It's the independents and Dark Magick worshippers that concern me greatly. Animal and human sacrifice and little concern over life or the ramifications of taking a life...magick meant to do harm or inflict pain (including VooDoo) on others is just not cool.

I agree there's alot of confusion in the Christian faith about the use of the Pentragram in pagan or Wiccan cultures. Some people see it as a symbol of Satanism when it isn't at symbolizes the persons connection to the elements and respect for the Earth (when the point of the star faces upward). The confusion comes in because many Satanists have adopted the symbol and inverted it (point downward) as it's then a symbol of the disruption of the proper order of the elements. The thing is though...walk into any Christian church wearing a pentagram and it won't matter which way the point faces...they panic, because they don't understand the symbolism of the balance of nature or the meaning behind the symbol.

Can you tell by looking at someone if they are Satanist? That's just a rediculous question's like asking if you can tell if someone is Baptist by looking at them. Much of the Gothic dress and dark makeup these days crosses over all's highly popular among young Pagan and Wiccan practioners, but you can find it in the Christian churches as well. Fashion does not disclose the condition of the human heart any more than what car you drive.
Thank you, SG, for providing clarity on Theistic and LaVeyan. In my research I also found that LaVeyan is often considered atheistic / agnostic. There is also Pseudo Satanism and Symbolic Satanism. There are also cults presumed to be Satanists who operate under a different agenda.

Rather than post a 100 links, I'll use these for starters.

I think primarily.. IMO ... ones you could POSSIBLY spot in a crowd are the Pseudos and perhaps some Theistics. However, I also will say .. no more so than you can spot in a crowd one of Jewish, Christian, Buddhist or Wiccan faith unless they display symbols of their faith on their person or perhaps carry a related book of faith with them. Some who might wear symbols or garb related to Satanism might not be of the faith ....such as ones who want to draw attention to themselves for some other reason (to be different) and then cry "fowl" when they are associated with it. IMHO My message there is .... .if one doesn't want to be associated with or perceived as something .. anything.... then don't present yourself to the world in the way you dress or express yourself that would be construed as such. : )
The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.

- Kahlil Gibran

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